Decrypt: "Pepo shows that blockchain is ready for primetime"
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The best crypto user experience ever made The best crypto
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Pepo is the best crypto user experience ever made. It’s blazing fast. Simple. Human. Pepo removes many of the icky bits that have limited crypto mass-adoption, while making crypto about the people, not just the technology. It’s an app the entire movement can get behind.

Pepo is so fast, so easy to use, that you’ll reimagine what’s possible with crypto.

Where the crypto community comes together

Whether you’re a crypto developer, podcaster, analyst, or blogger, there’s never been an easier way to showcase your work, earn appreciation, and connect with the community.

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Video shorts from the crypto makers who matter

Developers. Builders. Hodlrs. Watch sneak previews. Get exclusive updates. Go behind the scenes.

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Collect more than just likes

We reinvented the like button. Each tap sends 1 Pepo Coin person-to-person, with no fees.

Pepo Coins are ERC-20 tokens on layer-2 Ethereum blockchains. Pepo Coins cannot be transferred outside Pepo, but can be redeemed for gift cards.

The price of Pepo Coins is fixed in smart contract to mirror the price of $OST Token.

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So fast, so intuitive, you won’t believe it’s crypto.

Pepo is backed by staked $OST Tokens and every transaction is on-chain at blazing fast speeds and low costs, thanks to OST Platform Ethereum layer-2 technology, built on the OpenST Protocol.

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An OST project

Pepo is designed with love by OST. Meet the team and discover our technology.

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