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I am 24 years old. Survived the world's strongest typhoon which is Haiyan. Did humanitarian/development works for the community that I live in. I can say that after Haiyan, it was the best time of my life, so far. Years after, I got lost.

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Paul Neil 12 months ago
Sunday's best! Pizza and this view. Why not?
Paul Neil 12 months ago
Paul Neil 1 year ago
When you have the best people with you.
Paul Neil 1 year ago
Paul Neil 1 year ago
How summer weekends should be spent. Agree? 😏
Last Friday night. No, we did not dance on table tops, but we took too many shots. And i think we kissed but i forgot. 😂 I had a great time. Pero, sorry about last night pa din. (Photo taken after the movie date - Beauty and the Beast)
Sunday fun day. The group decided to visit Samar island and check out the place. We went to Catbalogan City and found this new coffee shop called Secret Cafe.
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The Rebuild's three musketeers. JV, Me, Blue (L-R). Photo taken during a turnover ceremony in one of the municpalities in Leyte, Philippines.