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Let's talk about projects based on Arduino project

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Finished project
One of my latest projects. An FTDI cable with selectable I/O voltages (1.8V, 3.3V, and 5V) and microUSB connector for convenience.
The beauty of it, is that you don't need to put an expensive FTDI chip on your every project plus it's easier to program or debug your project when all you need to do is connect a usb cable to it.

I tried to use esp8266 with my motorized attic door, but for some reason, it stopped responding. So I used Arduino Yun instead
I used them to control wall sockest and switches
What projects did you do with them?
Yes, but I experienced some problems with them.
Ashwin Venkat 1 year ago
Do you use it too?
Ashwin Venkat 1 year ago
And nodemcu
Ashwin Venkat 1 year ago
Of late I am using esp8265
Ashwin Venkat 1 year ago
Hello! Are you an Arduino fan?
Ashwin Venkat 1 year ago
Hi there