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Ayurvedic Italian Cuisine

Brindisi - Italy
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Simple Italian food recreated with an Ayurvedic approach

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Homemade Margherita pizza... what could be a better activity for a cold winter evening
David Alan Lyon 1 hour ago
Two cups of wholemeal organic bread flour... 3/4 cup of warm water with yeast... 3 tablespoons of EV olive oil... half teaspoon of salt and sugar. Leave to rise until at least doubled in size
David Alan Lyon 1 hour ago
Tomato and fresh basil sauce... fresh mozzarella. Nothing complicated here πŸ™‚
Roasted butternut squash, Portobello mushroom and blue cheese pie...
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Winter classic carrot and coriander soup...

...also contains butternut squash, sweet potato and cream
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Scialatielli pasta with almond, courgette and white truffle pesto...

Vata / Pitta? this is for you guys
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Orecchiette con Cime di Rape...

Ask anyone from the Puglia region, which is the most typical dish the vast majority would say this one, and now is the season...

Everything on this plate came from less than 5km from my house, including the salt in the pasta water which came from the Adriatic sea and the chilli peppers which I grew this summer on my balcony.

The name breaks down as the following; the pasta 'orecchiette' literally means little ears and is only made locally... you won't even find it in the rest of Italy. The pesto type sauce 'Cime di Rape' or heads of a very local vegetable 'Rape' pronounced Ra-Pe is very pungent and is some kind of wild variety of broccoli... it's an acquired taste but I love it...
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Black Truffle Pasta with creamy eggs and this year's pressing of Virgin Olive Oil...

Autumn is well underway in Europe
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15 Minute Vegetable Supper...

Pumpkin, courgette, spinach, borlotti beans... Turmeric, coriander and cumin for the spices sauteed in ghee.

here comes winter πŸ™‚
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Organic Egg Tagliatelle with Walnut Pesto
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David Alan Lyon 6 months ago
Pumpkin and Courgette Risotto with Red Quinoa and Masala Spices

Vata pacifying for the summer session...
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David Alan Lyon 7 months ago
Moong Dhal Khitchdi

If you have never been to an ayurvedic retreat but think you might like to try, make sure you like this recipe first. Why? because this dish is tridoshic (i.e. balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and is a great gut cleansing and detox fast track. Therefore, most Ayurvedic retreats will serve you this at least once a day, particularly if you signed up for a panchakarma program.
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David Alan Lyon 7 months ago
Organic courgette, moong dhal, turmeric, cumin and coriander...

Boil the moong dhal in 2.5 times water by volume, meanwhile in another pan sautΓ© the spices and some Himalayan salt in pure butter ghee, or for vegans coconut oil.

You can add any veg, or meat if you must. personally I like this with pumpkin and fennel in winter, courgettes in summer with a few sultanas added close to the end of cooking.

All my Indian followers, please add your welcome critiques below πŸ˜‰
David Alan Lyon 7 months ago
Good morning to an ayurvedic breakfast (inspired by my native UK rather than my wonderful host country Italy)

Scrambled eggs with turmeric and Himalayan pink salt (two whole eggs and two whites) good with fresh coriander but I didn't have any today.

Banana and chia seed oatmeal (UK porridge) vegetarians note this contains all the seven essential ammino acids more commonly found in meat

Freshly squeezed orange and lime juice

Ayurvedic latte, see previous post for Espresso recipe
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David Alan Lyon 7 months ago
Ayurvedic Espresso...

Naturally caffeine free, roasted barley, cardomom, liquorice root and fennel seeds.

Although caffeine free, the heat of the cardomom and the blood pressure raising effect of the liquorice give you a warming boost mid morning...
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David Alan Lyon 7 months ago
Sweeten with organic honey once the espresso has cooled a little, not to destroy the nutrients in the honey...

Quinoa, sunflower seed and Turmeric Burger with Buffalo Mozzarella Salad...

Mix cooked quinoa with a tablespoon of chickpea flour water, turmeric and sunflower seeds... sautΓ© in butter ghee and season with Himalayan salt
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Pugliese Orecchiette Pasta, with courgette and mint pesto, swordfish and cherry tomatoes...
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David Alan Lyon 7 months ago
Chargrilled Tempeh, beetroot and pickled Ginger salad... dressed with olive oil and Worcestershire sauce
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Today fresh ayurvedic pasta with walnut pesto...
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David Alan Lyon 8 months ago
boil the pasta for four or five minutes, add walnut pesto (will cover this in a future post) and enjoy...

In Ayurveda it is also important that food is prepared in a calm and loving environment... I make this often with my daughter on Sunday mornings without paying attention to anything else...
David Alan Lyon 8 months ago
suggested second course... dill grilled salmon with walnut pesto
David Alan Lyon 8 months ago
Grilled salmon, beetroot and sunflower seed salad both dressed with lime juice...

10 minutes preparation, covers the sweet, bitter, salty, sour and astringent taste of Ayurveda... vata balancing for summer
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David Alan Lyon 8 months ago
Sweet potato and fennel purΓ©e

Great all year recipe for balancing vata... 20 minutes prep... great with any fish cooked any way
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David Alan Lyon 8 months ago
et voilΓ ...

...boil the potato and fennel until soft, blend adding Himalayan salt, butter, cream and a pinch of dill... organic ingredients always give the best results πŸ˜‹
David Alan Lyon 8 months ago
Orecchiette with fresh tomato sauce and caccia ricotta cheese.

Baked sea bass with fennel salad

Tomatoes should be a very occasional treat on any Ayurvedic menu, however here in the south of Italy is is very difficult to avoid them.

what's Ayurvedic about this meal? I will explain more in future posts but for now it's Ayurvedic because every single ingredient is organic, fresh and sourced a close to where I live as possible... this is the essence of Ayurvedic cusine
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David Alan Lyon 7 months ago
Very simply... No salt, no lemon juice, nothing at all, then wrap it up in baking paper and in the oven for 30 minutes at 200Β°C. In Italy we call this "spigole al cartoccio" which means literally "sea bass in paper"... Let me know how it goes
Jason Goldberg 7 months ago
Thanks! Will try it!