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So this was a bar crawl with a loose theme associated. We started at the first place with Aperol - an aperitif. We had the bartender make a citrus cocktail that was quite fresh and nice. It was an Aperol Spritz - made with lots of ice, Sparkling wine - traditionally Prosecco but here the CHANDON Brut was used, Aperol and a splash of soda water.
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Our second stop yesterday was at Bootlegger. My first visit there, but I kinda loved the interior.
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That's the full gang at Glocal!
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Today I attended a pub crawl that started at Glocal and went to Bootlegger and ended at Sly. Some delicious drinks and great company made the experience awesome. Special mention to Glocal - the first venue - great food and awesome service! Check it out if u haven't already!
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Does food picture make you hungry? This constantly happens to me. Which is why I am always eating or thinking of food! Recently we were at Siam Trading Co for some delicious South East Asian fare. Beautiful!
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So at the beer launch yesterday, we tried the 3 that were part of the event. There was the Wheat Beer, Hefeweizen and a Masala Saison. Good stuff and a lot more to come!
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And in the Tech park I work in - today was the launch of Irish House!
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Debolina Ray 1 week ago
Yep, pretty neat isn't it!
Nishant Nivesh 1 week ago
One of my favorite places to hang out is Monkey Bar. Their simple food and chilled out ambiance is just right, and we recently had a Sunday morning meet up here. We loved our experience!
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The best things in life are shared and sweet! And a perfect example is this delicious Japanese Cheesecake with cherry compote and vanilla gelato. Loved the taste and the pairing.
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Debolina Ray 2 weeks ago
And this was with lunch. Ordered in from Box8. Do you guys have any favorites of take out or home deliveries?
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Yesterday we attended a preview of the Sizzler fest at cafe Mangii. This was my favorite from the menu - Mushroom Baklava with truffle oil and Bianco Risotto. The festival starts from tomorrow until end of August. Check them out in UB City and Orion Mall!
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We have a famous restaurant from Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi - Varq - doing a pop up at Masala Klub in Taj Westend. So excited!
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The wine of the evening were from Big Banyan - quite liked their young Sauvignon Blanc!
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Bengaluru Marriott is hosting the second edition of Quattro Mani, an Italian Food and Wine Festival at their restaurant Alto Vino. This year brings two chefs - Chef Marouane Rahali and Chef Nicola together to present a menu that truly captures the essence of Italy and Italian food. Now for those of you who haven’t yet visited Alto Vino yet – that’s something you need to fix!

The festival menu has some superlative dishes - Lobster Ravioli, Duck Carpaccio, a Reinvented version of Tiramisu. Seen here is the ravioli - it was insanely good!
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