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Bangkok - Thailand
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Insiders tips for Bangkok from friends and friends of friends.

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Dennis Hazril 9 months ago
visiting bangkok next month. any idea if there night market area
Hi Dennis! There are great night markets in Bangkok! Check out the featured markets in this Bangkok channel on Pepo by clicking on the "featured" icon at the top of the channel.

There's also another delicious Bangkok channel here on Pepo, 'Thai Food Stories' with more great Bangkok food suggestions.
The only thing more satisfying than finding a gem of a restaurant is sharing it as a recommendation to friends ... And then them loving it too!

I recently sent Per Meurling and Ignas Pečiūra (independently) Issaya in Bangkok and they BOTH agreed it was their best meal in Thailand.
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Honey de G 11 months ago
So in love with this restaurant!!!
Ayushi G 10 months ago
Trying desperately to go before I leave!!
Rucha Bhat 1 year ago
I am visiting Bangkok this week, was wondering if Ayuthaya is a MUST see ? else we were planning to do khlong suan market on that day? what do you guys suggest :)
I would choose the markets instead!
Up to your goal. If you love historical place to budha, then Autaya. Love ppl's life and local streets then klung market
Rucha Bhat 1 year ago
Thanks for the suggestions !! We made up our mind to go to the old market instead of Ayuthaya.
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Make sure to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market for some great Street Food
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Hey everyone!

This channel is all about Bangkok tips!

If you've been to Bangkok and want to share your thoughts then please submit a story or request to co-host.

Anyone can ask questions to the hosts.

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Great.going on may
Jamie Driscoll 1 year ago
Will do in a week!!!
Per Meurling 1 year ago
Hey guys I'm a professional food writer going to Bangkok end of February (on the West Coast) and I'm looking for a professional guide to take me around street food markets!
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Ryan Samia 1 year ago
Any suggestion for club/bar? Thanks!
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
For the gay bars, Silom 2 street is the gay district. DJ Station & Babylon are both good. There's an upstairs connection between both bars.
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
GOD for dancing after hours
Ryan Samia 1 year ago
How is uber in Bangkok?
Sanja Grzetic 1 year ago
Uber is great in Bankok. You can also try Grab.
Sanja Grzetic 1 year ago
Bangkok.. :)
Ryan Samia 1 year ago
Visiting Bangkok in January. And will def need some tips.
Calvin Landry 1 year ago
I spent 6 weeks there this summer! A weekend get away to Phuket or Krabi is worth it!!
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Will be going to Bangkok this month. What should I be looking out for?
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Hi Renata Raihana Mahmud - I posted a bunch of tips at the top of this group. If you have any specific questions or requeat, let me and other members of the group know.

Bangkok is an awesome city to discover!
Calvin Landry 1 year ago
The entrance of the Grand Palace. I had a great time!!
Any solo travelers in Bangkok in January?
Ben Yeung 1 year ago
Going to white party in Bangkok this year!
Trevor Yeow 1 year ago
Tan Yee Teng 1 year ago
So excited to be travelling to Bangkok again tmr
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Tan Yee Teng 1 year ago
Thank you for adding Jason Goldberg