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Decided to get late breakfast at Tropico, but, unfortunately, it was closed this day. Instead, based on Jason 's advice, we went to Tapeo. And oh boy it delivered. You can blindly point to the menu and be sure the tapas are going to be delicious. My favourite was potato/salmon/caviar tapa served with wasabi sauce (bottom right). And the most surprisingly it's relatively cheap place! Definitely a hit, considering it's in a quite touristy area, full of uninspiring eateries.
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More and more awesome recommendations coming our way, we decided to start our evening with oysters and a glass of champagne. El Nacional is the place to go! The building itself is quite magnificent and the interior is gorgeous. We opted for Mediterranean oysters, which were shucked at the spot! They were very fresh and very tasty - I do have to admit it was my first time having oysters :)
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Based on several recommendations (esp. Barcelona Food Experience), we've ventured to have breakfast to La Cova Fumada. It's a small packed place, very local clientèle. The service was very pleasant and friendly. And the food... The food... It was amazing! Maybe just cod was a tad oversalted, but the octopus and squid were perfect. Topped with Pan Con Tomate toasr and a couple of glasses of red wine, our breakfast was hearty and fun. Highly recommend!
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Robert Jones 11 months ago
Sant Joan celebrations on the beach! Incredible atmosphere!
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Ignas Pečiūra to your questions about eating in Barcelona. Most Barcelona food is tapas: best eaten at a bar counter, small plates go share, get like 10 to 12 for 2 people to share. For a modern tapas experience checkout Tapeo. For tapas in the gayborhood check out flauta.

For a multi course sit-down dinner try Tickets or 5 estrelles.

There are some great seafood places for paella. Just watch out for tourist traps. La cova perhaps as emad points out.

And remember that everyone eats late! Like 10pm earliest.
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Grzegorz Burakowski 11 months ago
Hey folks,
Planning to visit Barcelona first Week of August. Apart from the obvious ones what are the must have of this lovely city (restaurants, pubs, other places)?
Many thanks
There's a great Barcelona Foodie channel here on Pepo. Highly recommended! I listed some of my favorites for food in this channel. I've now also heard good things about Nacional from many people, so that would be next in my list!
Grzegorz Burakowski 11 months ago
Many thanks
Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
You're welcome! My favorite hotel in Barcelona is also hotel omm - boutique design hotel in great location.
Diane Goldberg 1 year ago
Barcelona, Spain
Hi where's the best restaurant for Whole fish in Barcelona?
Great question Diane! Barcelona is mostly known for its tapas, iberico pork, and shellfish seafood. Let's see if we can get you some whole fish recommendations from the Pepo community!
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Thanks Jean-Pol Meis !

This the place?
Top restaurant in Barcelona El Nacional - Tourismwithme
Jean-Pol Meis 1 year ago
Yes thats it
Favorite modern tapas: Tapeo

One of my favorite and most memorable meals in Barcelona.
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La Sagrada Familia

This is the most famous of Gaudí’s works. This church has been in construction since 1892, and it’s not expected to be finished until 2030. The church presents an excellent depiction of the relationship between man, nature, and religion through its architecture and façade sculptures. Climbing one of its towers will give you a unique view of Barcelona.
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No trip to Barcelona would be complete without a visit to all things Gaudi!

La Padrera!
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