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Barcelona - Spain
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Eating and drinking around Barcelona!

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I just posted a story about Amovino, an excellent wine bar where you can buy local wines, taste them, have them paired with good food, and join tasting events with local wineries. I love the place, so down to earth.
A detail in the lab-like interior at Dr. Stravinski, I love it!
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Ok I know it's Monday but I need to talk about cocktails.... 😊 I visited Dr Stravinski, an amazing new addition to the bar scene here in Barcelona. These guys are geniuses, the place looks like a laboratory and that's not too far from the truth: they experiment with fermentations here and make for example an amazing kombucha that they use in their cocktails.
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Strawberry and rhubarb crumble with vanilla sauce, all vegan!
Amazing vegan sweet potato tagliatelle, with cashew cheese and truffle.
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Smoothie bowl, and bowl with granola and yoghurt. Very tasty! I am liking this place, they also have a lunch menu and lots of good nutritional, healthy options, also for carnivores. Thumbs up!
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Protein pancakes at this new healthy place: Fit Kitchen! So far so good, lots of healthy options!
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Oh wow, Sant Andreu! It's not exactly famous for its gastronomy 😊 but check out Rabasseda, it has fairly good local cuisine. Not far away you also have Txapeldun Egarri, La Cholita and one of my favorites for tapas La Esquinica. But for more options I'd head towards the city center though!
Hello guys!

Can you please advise if Rocambolesc it worth going to? Or if you can recommend great ice cream places other than this.

Hi! It's a cool concept, but they are playing more with toppings than the ice cream itself. It's worth a visit but I'd check out Parallelo Gelato first, they have some seriously creative flavours (applewood smoked cheddar and bacon, just to name an example). Delacrem makes good ice cream too, and heladería Mexicana. My favorite is Parallelo though. On that same street there's a good ramen place, Fan Shoronpo, a nice vegan place called Väcka, and a hundred meters from there one of my favorite restaurants Santa Gula, well worth a visit too. Sorry, I got carried away..! 😊
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Let me know if you have questions, I'm happy to help! There are amazing places here, you'll have a great time!
Hi again! Can you please recommend me a nice local restaurant in Sant Andreu District? Thanks! 🤗
Amovino is great for a wine lover, they specialize in Catalan wines and have A LOT to choose from. They have a tasting menu too where they pair wines, very recommendable! Plus they have wine tastings every now and then too, where they invite wineries from around Cataluña. You can also buy bottles from there to take home with you.
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I had something outside the lunch menu, to be honest I don't remember what was on there anymore..! 🙈
Beautiful entry to Hawker 45. They have a good lunch deal too! 12,50€ for three courses plus drinks!
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What's cooking for lunch today?
Lamb satay at Hawker 45, a very cool Southeast Asian street food place, AMAZING! And yes, that's kombucha right there..!
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Yup, the best ice cream in the city is here, hands down. They do crazy combinations and flavours, like smoked applewood cheddar with bacon (fantastic). The best thing is that this place is nowhere near any touristy locations, so you don't have to queue and you can go to a nearby park and enjoy your ice cream in peace and quiet. They make the ice cream themselves and the ingredients are locally sourced.
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New brunch and cocktail place, Mr Robinson! A very touristy area, but so far the food looks good!
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This dish, a raw vegan Pad Thai is available this week at new place called Van Van Var. I love their concept, Van Van organizes food truck festivals, and now they have opened a casual street food restaurant where the chefs are visiting for a week each, and representing local food trucks! How cool is that?!
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If you are looking for good seafood there are plenty of places in Barcelona, but one of my absolute favorites is Casa Mari y Rufo. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it always gets packed. There is one main dining room which is tiny, so go there early (also with a reservation) so that you get a good table. The restaurant is family owned, and it's funny to listen to them: the discussions can be pretty heated at times 😁 In addition to seafood don't miss the solomillo con foie, it's fantastic!
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Caravelle is a great hangout, they do excellent brunches, lunches and dinners, plus they brew their own craft beer and makes good specialty coffee.
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This place was such a great surprise, I've passed by it a few times but the menu didn't attract me much, but now they've changed it and wow was it great! In the photo venison sliders. The best thing about it is all the wine! You can get all of their wines by the glass, and you can try several different ones to see which one you like before deciding. I had a fantastic Rioja that they just got in, I will go back just for that!
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