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Basic B!tch Boarding

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The guide on how not to be a BASIC tourist

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Aaron Takuya Gamallo 12 months ago
Karim K. Saleh om! Such a beautiful picture! I have a picture of the Eiffel Tower too by for some reason it looks like a painting. You make me want to share it. I'm really loving your picture
What is better than going on top of the Eiffel tower?!
I would suggest buying couple of wine bottles & cheese and have yourself a picnic facing the Eiffel during sunset.
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Karim K. Saleh 1 year ago
In addition to travel tips it will be me bitching about basic things people do during traveling lol
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Love it! Look forward to it.
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
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Petra - Jordan:

1) Visit during Spring or Autumn
2) Wear something comfortable, you will be walking all day
3) stay hydrated

1) Ride small donkeys as some the bedouins miss-treat them.
2) Forget to bring enough water, remember you are in the desert. Incase you forgot, there are a couple of small shops.

Hotel Recommendation: There are multiple hotels next to Petra, try to be close else you will need a car of a hotel transportation to drop you at Petra.

Time needed at Petra: One full day. You will spend the entire day time at Petra and relax at hotel at night, next day checkout from hotel and go discover somewhere new.
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