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Being Energetic

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Tips to be energetic throughout the day, especially in mornings.

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During this cold season when I don't want to go outside to run, which I love, doing squats, wall push-up, wall squats, lunges, dips, stretches are my go to workouts from home
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Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
The most intimidation thing for most people is getting started on exercising when they haven't been to a gym and they find it intimidating and hard to make the time.

Try this easy bit first. When you wake up in the morning do 30 minutes of exercise u can do at home, 10 at a time. Body weight only. Push ups. Squats. Dips. Burpees. Jumping jacks. Mountain climbers.
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Deepesh Kumar Nath 2 years ago
Pankaj , exercise + balanced diet (on time, no skipping) + 7 hours of good sleep.
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Jason Gold Droid 2 years ago
Nothing beats exercise for increasing energy
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Cody Winn 2 years ago
Exercise! For me it helps with overall energy even with lack of sleep.
Pankaj Keswani 2 years ago
Any tips or thoughts
Pankaj Keswani 2 years ago
Daily routines brings laziness in lives. How to be energetic throughout a day