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We are a group of foodies who travel across Lebanon's restaurants, pubs and bars to bring you the most objective and neutral reviews.

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Chicken shawarma at Diwan al hachem is a very good plate to order for delivery for it is very consistent, all tasty , and comes in generous portions.

That's a recommended plate among others at this 40 years old Restaurant that has preserved authebticity in every dish they prepare.

Definitely a recommended place๐Ÿ‘
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A nicely decorated ristorante / pizzeria in the heart of the infamous ABC mall ashrafieh - Beirut

Two strengths distinguish this place: it's strategic location and service rendered to clients

However , there are lot of weaknesses mainly related to food and taste and prices as well. On our last visit made between Christmas and new year, we ordered :
โ€ข mozzarella tricolor: dry, all the way with minimal sauce, tasteless basilica and local meh tomato ๐Ÿ…
โ€ข spaghettini al pomodoro: fade in taste but generous as a portion
โ€ข margherita Pizza: very basic in terms of taste
โ€ข buffala Pizza : with no whatsoever buffala taste
โ€ข spaghetti a la pescatora: definitely made from frozen seafood
โ€ข tagliatelle al funghi the most acceptable in quite all our order

Prices were high compared to what we had.

If it wasn't for the location and service speed we would never come back again.
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This place rocks..

From entry to exit, the place is all good, be it in terms of seating, decoration, service, quality of raw fishes, taste, creativity and choices.

Briefly, Kami Sushi's service is relatively fast, staff are super friendly, lot of yummy NEW combinations on the new menu, and quality/price ratio is very fair (almost 30$ per person)

Definitely a must try

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Gathered at provincial on a weekday night with a bunch of friends not from the foodies community and had to order a chicken balsamic salad ourselves that was generous as a portion and good in taste.

Service was good , staff were energetic and rapidly replying to orders ; inside area was all cheerful.

Prices were fair.

Must be repeated in spring ๐Ÿ‘
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Stopped by this restaurant for lunch and ordered their daily dish - kidney beans in tomato thick sauce and meat chunks -with rice

The experience was worth it , taste was there whitness of a professional cooking for this traditional Lebanese dish.

Service was good

Must be repeated often ๐Ÿ‘
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Its been quite more than a year that we didnโ€™t visit any branch of Roadster. We remember the food was a bit tasteless on our last visit, burgers were dry, and some of their newly added items at that time werenโ€™t much appreciated.

On Christmas Vacation we were at Beirut City center and decided to give Roadster a try following many recommendations that we recently had concerning improvements done mainly in terms of taste.

We were welcomed by a professional waiter and the manager visited the table right from the second minute we were in. We ordered a loaded fries, mozzarella sticks, a truffle burger and a flaming cheeseburger.

Talking about improvements, we clearly felt that there are a lot. :
โ€ข first, and upon rebranding made a couple of years back, waiters used to bring forks, knives and plates and put them on the side on the table. By then, we, and most people we have discussed this attitude with them, did not appreciate it at all as it stood out of all food servicing in Lebanon โ€“ especially that Roadster is a Lebanese restaurant chain born and raised up among us. On our visit made recently to Hazmieh Outlet, forks and knives were put in a small wood box, but plates were carefully served in front of each โ€“ A la Libanaise

โ€ข second, novelties on the menu are now better dosed and all tasty: take the loaded fries for example, a pure yum, with perfectly fried potatoes, and the right amount of mushroom on a gravy like sauce โ€“ a tiny touch of garlic made the whole wonderful and โ€œ A MUST TRYโ€

โ€ข third, uplifting of some classic food preparations was so successful:ย 
- The bun: it was changed to a better slightly sweet spongy filled with a very nice spread of seeds
- the crunchiness of their infamous mozzarella sticks; they now handle their frying in a better way after rendering the crunchy skin a bit thicker.ย 
- Take also the side coleslaw: the one that is served with burgers, it was drastically changed on the sauce side to be very well appreciated with its slight sweet taste that goes perfectly with their burgers made a little bit juicier โ€“ the perfect way.

This visit made us put again Roadster on our list of recommended diner-style restaurants in the country for they have improved a lot, in a way that better respects clients while providing a perfect quality/taste/price product.

After all, we have always been TOGETHER, and letโ€™s keep it this way FOREVER ..
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Balila Beirut 961 review

A lovely place in the heart of Dekwaneh serving saj , hummus , fate and balila with a daily plat du jour

We visited Balila on a weekday lunch and the place was nearly stacked. Balila Is a family run place where the owner has been into food businesses for the last 25 years and youโ€™d notice the competency in servicing right from entrance.

We ordered a bayd b awarma and a hummus beyrouthi; thatโ€™s traditional Beirut hummos; those came with a vegetable side platter, tomatoes , pickles, mint leaves , green onion and black olives along with a hot saj bread

Taste of hummos Beiruting was fine a. It spicy, not the best we have had recently, and eggs in awarma was a generous portion with more eggs and extra pepper

The owner and Manager was so gentle to pass by our table and Said Sahtein with a discrete smile checking if all was fine on our table.

A one small note here : Easy on pepper Balila !

A Recommendation ๐Ÿ‘
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10 outlets in Lebanon and the Pizza is still โ€œfairโ€
Ordered from Pizzanini one giant half lebanese half pepperoni for only 12 $

Taste was fair , ingredients are not the best available of course and dough was acceptable

This is an order to be repeated again ๐Ÿ‘
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Its been almost a year we didn't visit Kampai until our new visit with a group of friends.

Boy there are lot of changes that can occur in one year:

โ€ข service used to be more professional and more responsive:
ย - we ordered sake that didn't get to us before reminding and re-reminding the waiter
ย - waiters used to memorize all orders, now they prefer writing them on papers
ย - smile used to be shown from time to time - now no more

โ€ข food proportions kind of shrinked unproportionally to prices:
ย - hot plates are literaily a DONT ORDER , wagu is literaily not fit for sharing (barely satisfying one person) - teriayki chicken is what ,, maybe 6 or 7 chicken cuts/bites
- sushi pieces and sashimis are the smallest we have ever seen in this past year , sashimi salmon for instance is cut to 2 mm thick and makes not more than 2 x 3 cm in size
_ octopus sashimi is also extremely thin say a proportionalย  1.5 mm for all pieces

โ€ข we had a series of makis where some were really good however two ingredients were not appreciated at all as they fade all the sushi taste or make it very weirdo (in a negative sense) and those are asparagus and coriander - NEVER to be ordered

The place was crowded, people coming were welcomed at the desk and left there before seating for dozens of minutes because there are often no more placesย  -

This visit changed our perception of Kampai, for us kampai was a fair place before but now with this attitude of serving an UNACCEPTABLE less amount of food for the same (or even increased ) price, it has become NOT RECOMMENDED anymore.
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Loved the concept - and YES this is the type of restaurant discoveries that we cherish the most

A newly opened all Asian restaurant in Saint Nicolas Restos area with a very nice concept that is already beingย  very well accepted by customers

We stopped by for dinner in this self-serviceย  with very friendly and helpfulย  waiters.ย 

We had:
โ€ขย  a duck bao - very nice glazing and well dozed ingredients
โ€ข a kale saladย 
โ€ข a chicken bibimbap - another good plate
โ€ข coconut cansย 

The place serves only two deserts : mochis and a sticky cakes - so we went for a sticky cake with tofu and ice cream that we enjoyed to the max.

With lot of potential , and our deep love for Asian food, this will certainly not be our single visit to DON that is for us a straight RECOMMENDATION.
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โ€œ Aligot Cheese โ€œ
This is the type street food restaurants that you cannot postpone it for another day.

We were passing by the central district and saw the melting cheese being shaken in front of all passengers naked eyes ๐Ÿ˜ฑ and boy the show was irresistible

We ended up ordering a steak aligot with entrecรดte sauce - the result was a pure yum that is certainly recommended to others ๐Ÿ‘
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Raclette cheese

Specializes in festivities and exhibitions and offers the best raclette cheese sandwiches ๐Ÿฅช that one can ever have .

Ingredients added to the raclette cheese sandwich include turkey , ham, fresh mushrooms , Rocca leaves, mustard, and butter. This makes of the whole raclette cheese Restaurant experience an unforgettable one ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
Flaming salmon

A concept brought from the other side of the planet right to the capital with thorough know-how of slow grilling techniques

The place specializes in grilled salmon , the flaming salmon way, and is an intrinsic part of the infamous souk al akel street food festival that is being rotating around all the countries major cities.
The sausage house is a wonderful frankfurter and sausages Restaurant. Baking is done on charcoal grills , adding authenticity to the whole experience
We stopped by for a short replenishing break and ordered a cheese stuffed frankfurter with rolled on bacon , the experience costed 10$ and we were left hungry from this Edy small portion - had the prices been a bit more affordable, we would have gone for at least 4 or 5 to calm our hunger.
Mamaโ€™s Waffles are among the best prepared in the streetfood industry. Ingredients range from marshmallows to multicolor sugar . Caramel, fresh cream, honey and chocolate to name a few

Consider an average 8 $ per waffle - a bit expensive it the experience is worth it in terms of taste