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Maud V. 12 months ago
Am working for the exciting startup Book A Tiger and we are looking for you as an Accountant urgently . Please apply or share the below link with interested vacant friends:
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Jason Goldberg 12 months ago
Work with Maud V. - she's awesome!
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Welcome new joiners. Please take a moment to introduce yourselves.
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Pepo participated last night in a great marketing Master Class hosted by Cross Engage at Mindspace.

If you're not familiar with CrossEngage I highly recommend checking out their platform for cross-channel customer data management and analysis.

Thanks Manuel Hinz for hosting and for inviting Pepo!
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Fabrizio Cataldo 1 year ago
Guten Tag Pepo crew!

We ​did Munich, we ​did London, but there's something about Berlin that keeps calling us back.

Dynamic Yield is happy to announce our official Office Opening here ​at Mindspace in Friedrichstraße 68​.​

We'll be celebrating this March 14th (tomorrow) at 7:30pm. I wanted to personally reach out and invite all of you wonderful start-ups and incredible talent to join us in ​toasting​ to our success​.

A bit of background about us: Dynamic Yield is is the first customer engagement ​OS built grounds up as a unified platform to tie in data from all sources, which can be used flawlessly across channels - web, mobile and app. We were founded in Tel Aviv 6 years ago, and growing rapidly!

​The Dynamic Yield ​will all be there, as well as colleagues from Foodpanda, Home24, Project A, Rocket, and more that will be joining us after this year's eTail Germany event.

Please find our invite attached.

If you're free and able to join us, contact me directly at and I'll forward you our calendar invite with all the details.

Hope to see you there!
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Zoran Ristevski 1 year ago
Im a DJ with a idea for app! I dont know nothing about startup. I need a help I live in Macedonia and app is about making chat realy cool like mirc in a past. ;) Exp idea and passion about having my product real, i dont have nothing! So any enthusiastic to be partner and make my dream to be our dream come truth?
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Zoran Ristevski 1 year ago
Thx i well. I hope i dont sound crazy, B cose i feel mysel little crazy doing this;) Thank you guys! 🙌🙌🙌
Adam Klesh 1 year ago
Anyone know of any starts ups hiring? Am recently on the job hunt again and would like to stay in Berlin. Have over a decade of Sales and Negotiation experience with a focus in strategy and planning.
Adam Klesh 1 year ago
Not proficient enough for business.
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
I'll let you know if I hear anything! The one startup that I know is hiring sales people is looking for German speakers
Hey guys. We just went live with our ecommerce platform! Check it out! Get 15% off your first purchase and free shipping within Germany! As we are currently in beta version with or website, we appreciate all kind of feeedback. This helps us to continuously improve our platform. All feedback please in PN! Thank u
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Maud V. 1 year ago
Martin Petrouff 1 year ago
Do you speak russian?
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Niklas Pettersson 1 year ago
Hi all! Fantastic thread and community, i am very happy to have found you all. I have just started a new company in the travel space that will revolutionize the way we book travel and how we interact with destinations. The beta platform will be done within the next two weeks. Super excited. I can send you all an invite to the beta test if you are interested. We will limit the invites for the first round, 100 invites only. I have lived in Berlin for the past 3 years, and i probably have a million questions and thoughts that i would love to share. :) Looking forward to meet you all whenever possible! //Niklas
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Joey Cumley 1 year ago
Kevin Dykes I would love feedback from you when my company goes live next week as well!
Niklas Pettersson looking forward and signed up
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Here is some feedback I got from another Berlin founder re payroll services. Anyone have other inputs on payroll for very small startups in Berlin?

We are currently using our local tax advisor but not superhappy. They now switched the operative person and now they are adjusting all the mistakes they did in the past which results in people not getting any salary for a month and us helping out with prepayments on future salaries. Plus they are quite expensive at 12€ per employee per month.

I would advise to go with one of the many young online companies like (but avoid them like the devil for accounting) or SMACC. This is quite straightforward and quality issues are therefore unlikely.

Should not Charge you more than €7,50 per employee per month and enrolling and changing the tax status of employees should be included in this price.
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Any other feedbacks / advice / do's or do not for Berlin Startups payroll services?
Joey Cumley 1 year ago
Interesting the tax advisors we were talking to charge 12 per employee per month, wonder if it's the same!
Joey Cumley 1 year ago
Anyone know of good affordable tax agencies for small businesses in Berlin? Wekel Straßer & Kollegen was recommended, was wondering if anyone had feedback or knows of someone else we should compare with
Joey Cumley 1 year ago
Not sure how to private message here but can you email me?
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Adding private messages asap ;)
Rachael Newport 1 year ago
If anyone here is looking for a desk in a studio with 5 others let me know. Location Gesundbrunnen - available 1st Jan - nice bright space, suitable for client meets. We're virtual reality / art / social impact startups so far. Happy Christmas one and all :)
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Benja Fernandez 1 year ago
Hey jason! I might be interested. Do you have a website or an email where I can apply for a demo?
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Francesco Sisco 1 year ago
Hi Benja, our website is to get a first feeling and browse the platform for free just by signing up. We can schedule a demo anytime, just drop me an email at
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Hey everyone. If any of you are in the market for a new email marketing platform, we have now productized for 3rd parties our internal tool that we developed for and and now Pepo . More than 1B emails sent through our platform and 750k last week.

80% lower cost than MailChimp and better campaign builder / designer + marketing automation, trigger mails, transactional, API, etc.

Let me know if want to learn more.
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Francesco Sisco please make contact asap so we can prep.
Kevin Dykes 1 year ago
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Hey Joey Cumley can you name the company?
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Will send
Joey Cumley 1 year ago
Joey Cumley 1 year ago
Anyone here looking for work or know of anyone looking for work in the following fields? Must have experience, eCommerce huge plus. Friends that own an e-commerce company are looking for digital (mostly mobile) marketing manager, English editor, art director, and merchandising manager. I sent them referrals for some key roles but thought I would check here to see if anyone knew of anything
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Joey Cumley and others who asked me about Berlin startup lawyers.

For a startup lawyer in Berlin I have gotten several good recommendations for Bastian Reinschmidt at BMH Bräutigam

If you want an intro let me know!
Joey Cumley 1 year ago
Thanks! I would love an intro!
Andy Vázquez 1 year ago
Hi! My name is Andy. I am freelance UI and Digital Media Designer. Also getting more and more into UX. Home base in Berlin now, after 15 years in Spain. Nice to be here!
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hi jason, is a global event and marketing system. this is based on stochastic processes and statistical analysis to find the relevant event for each user. it contains a lot of tools to plan, manage and promote events all over the globe. free unlimited cloud storage for adverisers to store whatever you want are just some of the benifits. :) it comes in 2017.
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Welcome Georgi Steffenhagen !

Cool Instagram in your profile! What is coolest city?
hi folks, i am georgi. whats going on here? :)