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This Friday evening running a bananaleaf curry popup event for one night only, bringing a taste of KL to Berlin... search banana leaf curry at Birgit and bier if you're interested to check it out :)
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Last night we checked out Sasaya in Berlin on the advice of several friends who place it in the top tier of Japanese restaurants in Berlin (Berlin struggles with high quality Japanese food as there's just not enough demand yet to get high quality ingredients needed to do it right). Sasaya was good, probably the 3rd best Japanese in Berlin (but distant 3rd) after 893 ryotei and zenkichi. I'd go back to sasaya regularly as it's less stuffy than the others and the fish selection was good quality and fresh. 893 ryotei is a special occasion place while sasaya is a good everyday choice.
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Creative bloody mary mug at Big Sur. We had a virgin marry and it was quite tasty.Excellent brunch: shakshuka toast, juevos rancheros, Yum
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If you've never been on a Reichstag your, go now! Steeped in history and beautiful architecture. Pro tip: sign up for a guided tour a few months in advance.
Daniel Dietz 4 months ago
From my experience bookings might work out in short terms aswell. For those who are interested:
Without a doubt the best pancake I've ever had... Insanely good.
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Emad Soliman 7 months ago
One more to Get you in that weekend munchies mood...
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Emad Soliman 7 months ago
Hi pepo! It's been a while

Something's been brewing... coming soon xx
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One of the most tasty new restaurant openings in Berlin has to be Khwan - the thai BBQ joint in a large warehouse hidden within Friedrichshain’s industrial RAW complex. We went there Friday night and tried just about everything. Yum!
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Have you been to the Black Poodle ice cream club? Christian Schoenherr and I stumbled upon this today and it was tops. Unique, handmade, and super tasty!
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Agness Walewinder 8 months ago
What flavor did you have?
Sergio Scardia 8 months ago
Yummy! Mine is dark chocolate 🍫 please
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Last night we ventured to the much hyped Katerschmaus on the spree - former nighclub turned into a lively and lovely fine dining venue. I must say we had a rather mixed experience.

The space itself is gorgeous and the room was packed and the acoustics of the place give it a high energy dining experience that you don't get in most Berlin restaurants.

The food itself was good but not spectacular, starting off great and then trailing off) Appetizers were exceptional (a lovely northsea shrimp salad and a warm mushroom salad were highlights. The in between course of grilled broccoli was over salted and mediocre and pales in comparison to my homemade grilled broccoli I must say, and the 33€ entrees were nothing special; a decent beef fillet and a dry pork chop. The waiter was raving about the pork saddle so I ordered it and it was just a decent but dry pork chop, nothing more.

Service started off fine and then for really slow. They focus on diners opting for their 5 or 7 course tasting menus and those customers seemed to have food delivered every few minutes, while us ala carte'ers waited a full how before the over salted broccoli and the dried pork chop and the average filet.

Oh, and to top it off, I thankfully noticed an errant 45€ charge on our bill for a bottle of white wine we never ordered. We pointed it out to the waiter and he immediately apologized pointing to an "old cash order taking syatem where he punched in item #45 and it charged us 45€" - dubious claim for a new restaurant.

Would I go back? Despite the food being just ok, the atmosphere was great and on a warm summer day their outdoor terrace is spectacular so yeah maybe for drinks and starters or to see if we just had an off night. Most people seemed to be really enjoying their tasting menus.
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Lovely freshly made pad Thai at the wonderful Thai Park in Berlin.
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Jason Goldberg 9 months ago
Per Meurling 9 months ago
The Thai park is an institution and totally unique in Europe! After having eaten pretty much everything throughout the years I made a map with the best vendors and the best food
Hey Berliners. Highly recommend Bite Club, the monthly street food festival on the Spree. Bite Club III of this season is Tonight, 14 July.
ABOUT US - Bite Club - a Berlin street food party
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Lunch today was at the new Gobento place on Graefesstrasse in Kreuzberg. Hmmm. I wasn't expecting the "grilled salmon" to be a mayo festival. And I wasn't expecting Doritos as the garnish. Overall verdict meh+. Bowl was spicy and flavorful and if they have an option without a mayo-base maybe I'll try it again.
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Ignas Pečiūra 10 months ago
Hmmm, so they're finally open. Sounds disappointing if it's a mayo fest :)
Jason Goldberg 10 months ago
I hate mayo so yeah.
Yesterday we ventured out to have dinner in a Georgian restaurant. Started with a must to have Khachapuri (cheese bread) together with delicious vegetable spreads and fried eggplant. The starters were so good, I was actually full before the main course, but still continued. My Kababi (minced beef and pork on the skewer) was the only human sized dish, which I had no problems finishing. The meat was a bit dryish, but, of course, a special sauce was served alongside it. The combination of spices and the sauce was good. My friends got Tabaka (fried marinated chicken in clay pan) - this one was probably meant for sharing, as the portions is huge. The chicken itself melts in your mouth! Neknebi Ajikit (ribs) were pretty good, somewhat spicy as they were roasted in Ajika. Chakhokhbili (chicken stew in tomato sauce) was mediocre - the sauce was really nice, but the chicken itself was a bit bland. Paired with nice red Georgian wine, our dinner was lovely. Highly recommend the place if you want to try Georgian food in Berlin.
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Jason Goldberg 10 months ago
Hmmm I was skeptical when I heard Georgian food as I had no idea what the cuisine would be like, but from your review it sounds like a worthwhile place to check out!
Ignas Pečiūra 10 months ago
Jason it's worth a shot. Just note, that it's better to go there hungry 🤓
Theres more to curing hangover Sunday than doner kebaps and deliveroo. Head over to Angry Chicken in Kreuzberg on oranienstrasse for the tastiest Korean street food. Highly recommend the wings, boneless bites, burgers and bibimbap.

They also deliver but it tastes so much better fresh in the shop.
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Jason Goldberg 10 months ago
We didn't get the Potato Hot Dog ... But will try next time! If looked insane!
New favorite avocado toast in Berlin! And a great shakshuka (baked eggs) too!
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We went back to Industry Standard in Neukoln tonight for the first time in a year. The starters were exceptional: a memorable steak tartar with buckwheat and truffles, a bright and summery tomato salad. Mains were just ok. Cod was a bit salty and the veal younger just wasn't my thing. I'd go back just to try more of the starters.

I mean, check out this tomato mozza salad!
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Emad Soliman 11 months ago
Where would you fellas say is the best breakfast place in Berlin? (Hearty breakfasts not continental) ?

Breakfast spots seem to be popping up often now and I can't keep up
Hi Emad! For a hearty American style breakfast I wholeheartedly recommend Geist im Glas! Think the best pancakes in Berlin, maple bacon, huevos rancheros, jalapeno biscuits, and more!
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Per Meurling 11 months ago
Geist im Glas is fantastic! I also really recommend Allan's Breakfast Club...great place!
Per Meurling 11 months ago
Allan's Breakfast Club - Berlin Food Stories