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Šiauliai - Lithuania
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Come here and chat about interesting things, share ideas, promote books and talk about good food

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Dinner :)
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Elena Campadese 1 year ago
Since we are talking about food, I am looking for a good meal planning system. Any suggestions?
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Elena Campadese 1 year ago
No I am simply looking for a smart plan to organize grocery shopping and meal prepping :)
When I go to work I usualy shop one time a week and buy way more meat, that ends up in freezer, so I always have ingredints for a diner.
I'm going to make dinner for my family and pop some sparkling wine and work on my aims fir this year, hope its a good one :)
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Elena Campadese 1 year ago
I could order Chinese take away to celebrate, Ieva :)
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Christian Helbig 1 year ago
Hey! 👋🏻😊
I wish I could, but I have to study for my pre examinations next week 🙄
What about the others?
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over 100 members in this group, so nice, let's be more active, everyone!!!
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Hey, everybody, today is chinese new years eve, nyone is thinking bout celebrating?
Eliana Teixeira 1 year ago
Hey everyone! :D
Darshan Jain 1 year ago
Did some creative cooking last week.
I want to make love to it :)
Darshan Jain 1 year ago
Haha...Thanks a lot
Varun Ashok 1 year ago
Hi.. reviews of lean startup anyone ?
Eliana Teixeira 1 year ago
Good morning everyone! 😁😁
Eliana Teixeira 1 year ago
Hey everyone! :P I had an really stressful day. Just going to enjoy my couch and tv :D Hope everyone's great :D
Sure You can!!! Everybody can
Bogarson Michael 1 year ago
Hi am new here can I be your friend
What's so bad about your tuesday, Elena Campadese ?
Tomorrow is always better, that's why it doesn't come, we only have today every day :) but Next today will be awesome, you'll see. What do you work?
Elena Campadese 1 year ago
Tomorrow will surprise me, I can tell :)
I'm a lawyer in training, I've just graduated Law School. And I'm also a very tired lawyer in training, so I'll wish you goodnight and a wonderful Wednesday and disappear under my duvet :)
Elena Campadese 1 year ago
Hope you guys had/will have a great day!