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This is a conversation about the implications of Brexit on UK 🇬🇧 and the EU

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Lisa Price 2 years ago
I like the shape of this candy
Joan Lockwood 2 years ago
Chris Naylor 2 years ago
As a British/Irish citizen currently living in Norway, it's surreal to watch all of this unfolding at a distance.
Joan Lockwood 2 years ago
Raghav ShaRma 2 years ago
Joan Lockwood 2 years ago
The UK Government lost the argument that the PM alone can trigger Article 50; Parliament must vote on it. Big win for the remainers and people who fear there are no clear plans for how the UK will withdraw:
Government loses Article 50 court fight
Joan Lockwood 2 years ago
The pound has suffered its worst month against the dollar since June, when the outcome of the Brexit referendum rocked the UK currency, despite data suggesting the British economy has held up better than expected since the vote.