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By day, I'm an ordinary food writer, but on the weekend, I'm Bunny and Brandy, Chicago's brunch experts. Check out what goes into my patented brunch reviews!

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Donuts are all over the place, but a good beignet is hard to find outside of New Orleans. Except at SIP, where they come hot out of the fryer and smothered in salted caramel πŸ˜‹
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The menu said "Torrejas," but this looks an awful lot like French toast to me!
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Confession: I LOVE pasta for breakfast. Well, for any meal, really. At least with these fluffy potato and ricotta gnudi, I can sort of pretend this is an appropriate meal for first thing in the morning.
You haven't had crepes until you've had them topped off with bananas and seared foie gras!
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A vegan mango donut from new favorite bakery.
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Most brunch burgers put an egg on to. This one put about a pound of Mac and cheese 🀀
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Tea based cocktails are my favorite thing in the world. Better than mimosas, better than a Bloody Mary.
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Jessica Berson 2 weeks ago
The croque Madame at The Blanchard is so classic, you'd think they invented it!
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Jason Goldberg 2 weeks ago
Holy 🍳 that looks awesome!
This delectable French toast is stuffed with a marzipan cream. It's an almond lover's dream!
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Nothing better than breakfast pizza! This one combines scrambled eggs, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and grilled asparagus on a chewy Neapolitan crust.
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I promise you, I did not stage that yolk drip! That perfect little miracle is seated on top of an incredible egg and prosciutto sandwich with melted fontina cheese on top. Sort of like an Italian croque mousier.
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Cinnamon rolls. Afogato style. I'm in love 😍
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Happy 4th of July! Light everything on fire today, including your ice cream πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡
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The Blanchard has become one of my new favorite brunch spots of all time! To think that such an amazing meal only started with this beautiful egg tart tells you just how special this place was!
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Four day weekend means four chances to brunch! First stop is for this truffle and egg toast. So simple, yet so satisfying.
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There is just nothing better than steak and eggs done right. Usually, you'd pay $20+ for a decent steak and eggs, but at the Social brunch at La Storia, if you bring a group with you, you can get two appetizers, a pizza, two entrees, and cocktails for the table for only $30 a person! Literally, one of the best brunch deals in town.
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How gorgeous is the grilled octopus dish? I tell you, as impressive as it looks, it tastes even better. The charred kumquats are the real gems that pulled everything together.
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The porchetta Benedict is one of the most well put together benedicts I've had in a loooooong time. The porchetta is actually rotisserie roasted in house, meaning it simply melts in the mouth.
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Nutella banana French toast from Forno Rosso. So eggy and perfect, I nearly finished the whole plate myself!
🎢Pour some coffee on me🎢 🀘🏻😎🀘🏻 I can't resist a good affogato.
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How cute is this mini cereal coated donut? I was popping these suckers like potato chips!
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Pesto pizza? Put an egg on it. BOOM. Breakfast pizza.
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