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Recipes, restaurant reviews and other foodie fun in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and beyond!

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Tri-Tip steak with brassicas... delicious!
Oh my Cod! Look at the sear on that beauty. Line caught cod with summer beans and verjus at Model Milk!
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If calamari isn't your thing, try Model Milk's squash tostada with green goddess dressing, cucumber and dill!
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Everyone please say hello to my new boyfriend, the calamari fricassรฉe from Model Milk! I tried this during their prix fixe dinner through Summer Feast YYC!
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More Canadian stone fruit love from Pigeonhole... I'd never thought to make a tomato, peach, shiso (mint) and sesame salad appetizer!
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This dish looked so simple but was packed with flavour from the grilled scallops, lemon cream and dried tomato. A perfect appetizer!
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Time for Albertans to do their annual scramble over our fleeting stone fruit season. Check out this sweet and tangy bowl of apricots, white chocolate chunks and yuzu custard from last week's dinner at Pigeonhole!
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I never thought I'd be gobbling a plate of charred cabbage and mimolette like it was my last meal, but it's surprises like this that make us foodies so happy, right? Absolutely loved my meal at Pigeonhole the other night. Check out the blog post to read all about it!
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Strawberry cheesecake from Friday night's prix fixe meal at Pigeonhole! I've really been enjoying Calgary's newest prix fixe event, Summer Feast!
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Hello, hanger steak! I see you hiding under all that beautiful, salty parm!
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It turns out 18 pieces is how much tempura is needed to satisfy my family's craving!
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Super fresh salmon sashimi at Sushi Wa in Camrose, Alberta!
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No one is more surprised than I am about how much I loved Sushi Wa's Kentucky roll topped with bites of teriyaki chicken!
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Mmm my family absolutely loved the fried Volcano roll from Sushi Wa! Great presentation at the newest Japanese restaurant to grace Camrose.
  • ๐Ÿฃ 2
It's never NOT a good day for tempura green beans and hot mustard! Only $5 today over happy hour at Double Zero!
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ 3
What sushi takeout lacks in presentation, it more than makes up for in flavour! I love a good picnic with a disheveled Fusion roll (imitation crab, mango and avocado) in the afternoon!
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Happy Hour at Double Zero Pizza is the best! $5 wine, beer and bubbly along with a great selection of $5 snacks! Kid-friendly rooftop patio, too!
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Hungry in Calgary 2 weeks ago
There are two Calgary food festivals next weekend! The first is Taste of Calgary, August 10-13. Admission is free, then you can purchase tickets to sample food from a wide variety of Calgary restaurants set up at Eau Claire Market!
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Kristen Kaethler 2 weeks ago
Kinda sad to be missing this.
Pretty easy to deduce today's recipe - mini caprese skewers for a backyard BBQ!
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Fresh, Alberta-grown grape tomatoes from the Cucumber Man. Pick yours up at Calgary Co-op!
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Can't stop looking for ways to use all the gorgeous basil growing on my patio!
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Tre Stelle makes the tastiest mini mini bocconcini!
  • ๐Ÿง€ 5
Is there a prettier sight than fresh bocconcini and tomatoes?
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When the petals fall from Alberta's provincial flower, the wild rose, it's time to start collecting rose hips to make jams and jellies. Boil these down with sugar and enjoy the sweet, fragrant treat on scones or toast.
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Refreshing Runestone Rhubarb Saison by Ribstone Creek from Edgerton, Alberta! Love all the great Canadian beers on tap at Midtown!
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Brunch at my dad's means everyone gets a pancake with their first initial! Loved the berry, melon and stone fruit salad this morning as well!
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Kristen Kaethler 3 weeks ago
My dad used to do that when we were kids.
If you want a great Edmonton food blog, check out my friend Leduc at Let's Eat YEG!
House made ricotta with local honey and fresh baked focaccia, are you kidding me? ๐Ÿ˜
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Prosciutto crudo never looks that appealing to me when it's glistening in the hot sun, but I still inhale it... the arugula and basil made this pizza practically a salad anyways!
Mmm arancini. The only thing I like more than risotto is a little ball of fried risotto. These were stuffed with wild mushroom, peas, cheese and saffron!
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It's 34 freaking degrees Celsius outside, so how about we all take a break and get a gelato? This one was from a few weeks back when we met one of Edmonton's top food bloggers for lunch at LEVA!
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They say presentation is everything, but fresh, juicy fruit doesn't hurt either! I love attending catered events at the Calgary Zoo!
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I was gathering older parsley sprigs and dill flowers to make room for new growth when I realized I'd inadvertently made the most fragrant bouquet!
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