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by Hungry in Calgary
Calgary - Canada
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Recipes, restaurant reviews and other foodie fun in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and beyond!

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Hungry in Calgary 3 hours ago
Blowers and Grafton, Calgary, Canada
Halifax-style garlic fingers smothered in shredded bacon and accompanied by a house donair sauce. I ate this a week ago and still feel the sharp pang of sadness I experienced when we finished eating it... or maybe that's the heartburn.
Hungry in Calgary 3 hours ago
Blowers and Grafton, Calgary, Canada
Cows and pigs are adorable, especially when they've been made into spicy pepperoni, deep-fried and dipped in a zesty honey mustard!
Hungry in Calgary 3 hours ago
Blowers and Grafton, Calgary, Canada
I used to be the first person to say that lobster is a risk in our land-locked city, but that's really been changing lately! Blowers and Grafton, a Halifax-style street food joint right here in Calgary offers their contribution - a trio of light, fresh lobster rolls on a bed of house potato chips!
Hungry in Calgary 1 day ago
Sweet Tooth Ice Cream, Calgary, Canada
The line was out the door but it was worth the wait! The Last Straw - a strawberry cheesecake concoction from Sweet Tooth!
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Calgary's Chinatown is small, but vibrant... and of course packed with some of our best restaurants! Had to snap this photo on my way to Sweet Tooth for a rolled ice cream!
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Hungry in Calgary 1 week ago
Calgary, Canada
Pasta of the week! Cleaning out the fridge this week meant a bit of white onion, wild garlic, the last few sips of red wine, leftover marinara, grated parm and fresh basil from our patio garden!
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Hungry in Calgary 1 week ago
Bowness, Calgary, Canada
I love Gypsy Made lemonade! Look for their adorable​ trailer at your next Calgary-area market and scoop yourself a fresh made lemonade with a reusable Mason jar and straw. Today we tried watermelon mint and strawberry basil!
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Patio cocktails at Hayden Block! Come on out, the weather's fine!
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Mmm last time we had Mac salad, broccoli salad, bacon wrapped corn, cornbread, smoked wings and brisket. I can't help but think about what else I'm going to try tonight!
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My brother-in-law is coming to town so we're taking him to Hayden Block tonight for all the bourbon and BBQ he can handle. I'm sure he and Mr. Hungry will be knocking back a few Old Fashioned cocktails to get the night started!
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Hungry in Calgary 1 week ago
It's YYC Lobster Fest at Billingsgate Market this weekend! One of my favourite local vendors, Village Brewery, will be on site and for $32 you get a lobster and a side dish! Proceeds from the event will be going to Mealshare to buy meals for youth in need. Have a heart, eat a lobster!
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Hungry in Calgary 1 week ago
Calgary, Canada
Tiny confection or gigantic hands? Things to ponder when the professional chefs working on the floor below your office drop off a gorgeous tray of meringues!
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Hungry in Calgary 2 weeks ago
Red Boar Smokery, Red Deer, Canada
Can't wait to take my dad out for a Father's Day feast this weekend! I'm thinking we'll need a Farmhouse platter from Red Boar with some extra candied pork belly!
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