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Recipes, restaurant reviews and other foodie fun in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and beyond!

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Crispy potatoes, Quebec cheese curds, rich brown butter hollandaise and salty, smoky lardons for Mr. Hungry's breakfast. Deadly!
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The Dungeness crab benny at Calgary staple OEB was light on the crab, but loaded up with that decadent brown butter hollandaise.
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Hungry in Calgary 5 months ago
Seared scallops at Klein Harris. Technically enough to share, but why would you?
Gyro, donair and shawarma are so popular across Canada that it's no surprise Quizno's has introduced a new lamb and beef gyro to their menu for a limited time. Love all those meaty layers with the creamy tzatziki and melted cheese! (the veggies are ok too, I guess!)
Where are the pan fried pork and leek dumplings when I need them today??
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My friends weren't impressed by my description of you tiao until they tasted these crispy, golden, fluffy, oily morsels for themselves.
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U and Me is open 24 hours, making it the best place in Calgary for some very late night dim sum. I prefer to go with the brunch crowd, myself, but I would enjoy such delicious xiao long bao any time of day!
Absolutely delicious French 75 champagne cocktail at my birthday dinner with a girlfriend last week! It's not a celebration without sparkling wine!
It's possible that too many frosés were consumed last night, but how do you say no to a slushy drink made from pink wine and gin on a girl's night?
I could really go for a cheesy, crispy, stick-to-your-ribs dish like Zagreb steak on a cold winter afternoon like today! Missing the Adriatic coast in a big way!
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I'm the fool who always buys fresh berries in winter $$$ to satisfy my cravings, but I don't even feel bad when they're this fat and juicy! Anyone else count "off season produce" as one of their guilty pleasures?
The best part of a new job is all the new lunch possibilities! Loved this BBQ pork and spring roll vermicelli. Comforting, but fresh!
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Still dreaming about all the snacks from the Jack Daniels party last week! The deep fried mac and cheese balls with truffle ranch were everyone's favourite!
When you start a new job and have a birthday in the same week, it's no wonder your husband wants to treat you to a raspberry cupcake from Sweet Relief!
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My favourite meal in Dubrovnik was at a Bosnian restaurant down a side street in Old Town. This lamb and eggplant skewer along with baked potatoes and fresh, soft cheese made for a very satisfying meal on our first night there!
I hadn't heard of black risotto before visiting Croatia this year, but this cuttlefish dish could be found on menus all along the Adriatic coast. We didn't love this version that we ordered at a particularly touristy spot in Dubrovnik, but thought it makes for a fascinating photo!
Posting about Bosnia and Herzegovina today reminded me of this gourmet lemon tart dessert we had in Dubrovnik earlier in the trip! Really craving some citrus with the cold I'm rocking this week!
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