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Shakespeare Close - Tamworth - United Kingdom
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Chef in the house is a leading personal chef and consultancy service based in the UK. For more information go to

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Simon Hodgson 11 months ago
when is a pie a pie? When it's a fish pie or a delicious steak and ale pie... enjoy...
Simon Hodgson 11 months ago
A traditional English Sunday lunch... Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings and freshly made Horseradish sauce. 💕
Simon Hodgson 11 months ago
Would you like to run a pub with your partner?

If you are an outgoing and fun loving couple (one with good cooking skills) who would be interested in running your own pub with no overheads, free accomodation and a huge % profit share then get in touch asap quoting ref: CITH0417
One of you will need to be a personal license holder - these can be obtained after a short course to test your knowledge and suitability.

Pubs available across the UK.

You must be a UK resident.
Simon Hodgson 11 months ago
Sunday lunch... Love Sundays!
Simon Hodgson 11 months ago
Pan fried Calves liver with smoked bacon and onion butter gravy.
Simon Hodgson 11 months ago
Roasted canoe of Trout with Oysters.
Fredrik Goldhahn 11 months ago
Bangkok, Thailand
Sticks & Spoons is in'da'House! 😎
Great to see you Fredrik - stick around! 😉
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