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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai - Thailand
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tips and recommendations for Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Sam Sompong 7 months ago
Ooo what she looking?....
Charles Baker 1 year ago
We've just spent a month traveling Thailand but we never went to Chang mai but it's on our radar for next year
I can highly recommend koh Chang a bit further south but we are looking to travel more of Thailand next year I'm on count down already and I've only been back 2 weeks.
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Lysha Vescio 1 year ago
What is the food like ?
Lysha Vescio 1 year ago
I'm coming there
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
I dont live there. Was visiting there with family 3 weeks ago
Lysha Vescio 1 year ago
Ic want to add me to Facebook
I've been to hotels all around the world and I must say that our family group agreed that the Four Seasons hotel in Chiang Mai is next-level tops, best place we've ever stayed. It's about 40 minutes drive outside Chiang Mai in a serene and tranquil area full of rice patties and gorgeous vegetation. The grounds are to die for and the staff and service is above and beyond.
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Toto Sarawut 11 months ago
So beautiful garden 👍🏾👍🏾
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Visiting the Karen long-neck tribe a short ride outside of Chiang Mai was worthwhile. Super friendly people with nice hand crafts. They encourage you to take photos with them as they make their money from tourism.
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Missed visiting the Karen tribe. Handicrafts capital.
Thanks Swaminathan Jayaraman for recommending Doi Suthep at sundown. Perfect!
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We also had a great elephant tour in Chiang Mai: Ran Tong. Highly recommended. We were in a group of 10 people, the only ones at the camp, and there were about 20 very large elephants that the group rescued. We cellent staff / mahouts. We rode the elephants bare-back, and washed them.
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Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
Fyi, this is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center.
Adnan Abbasi 1 year ago
We found an amazing and small elephant sanctuary. A village of 300 with 4 elephants. Treated very well. About 1.45 h from Chiang Mai. Karen Tribe Native Elephants on FB. Highly recommend. Ask for Sun. :)
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If interested in Elephant fostering and sanctuaries, would suggest to book early right now. They seem to be all booked till end of November. Also there are a bunch of the sanctuary look alike that don't treat the elephants well. I found the most interesting and elephant friendly but haven't got any reply for my booking request. So waiting 💤
You'll also find a bunch of these graffiti. Common themes are elephants, green man. Trying to find more of these.
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Must try RockMe Burgers. I tried the built up vegetarian burger with sautéed mushrooms, eggs, fries and veggies. No patty.
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One of the most interesting stories. Can't wait to try the mixed fruit smoothie. Mrs Pa's.
Marc Dickstein 1 year ago
Amazing hotel options:

Rachamankha (suite #26 is a lovely 2 bed, 2 bath on the second floor of a super charming library).

Anantara is full of stunning, riverside zen.


Oasis Spa Lanna and Health Lanna Spa, both great and reasonably priced


David's Kitchen - glassy, contemporary, French influenced, fab food.

The Swan for cheap, tasty Burmese

The Service 1921 (at Anantara) - kitschy, but lovely space and delicious food.


Hire a guide and explore Doi Inthanon national park - worth the two hour ride. WaChira Tan Waterfall is beautiful and be sure to have lunch at the local joint next to the waterfall - salt baked fish, Tom yum ka soup, chiangmai sausage, roast pork, sticky rice, papaya salad - all great and unbelievably inexpensive (lunch for 4 ~ $15)
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Hi! Christian Schoenherr and I are heading to Chiang Mai around Christmas this year with family and friends. Looking for tips on must do's and especially great places to eat!