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Chiang Mai - Thailand
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Creating a collection of places to explore, eat, drink and things to do in and around Chiang Mai.

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Bahadur Bejd 1 year ago
I've some 360 photos of Chiang Mai and Thailand here Check out Swaminathan Jayaraman's Street View contributions:
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Swaminathan Jayaraman thanka for recommending the Doi Suthep temple at sundown. Perfect!
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
We also had a great elephant tour in Chiang Mai: Ran Tong. Highly recommended. We were in a group of 10 people, the only ones at the camp, and there were about 20 very large elephants that the group rescued. We cellent staff / mahouts. We rode the elephants bare-back, and washed them.
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Going to Chiang Mai Monday for 4 days w family. Excited! Will report back!
Head to Beetroot stories for some amazing veggie Thai Curry and Brown rice. Aum vegetarian gives a more thicker curry.

Beetroot Stories - Ratpakinai Rd -
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This one gave a hug. Such love ❤️ and we went to the Dumbo Elephant Spa. Picking the right elephant care is important. These guys were just as free and playful as humans in the Dumbo camp. They head to the forest and come back to meet, greet and get fed by us.
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Spent the morning with the elephant family. Feeding them, giving them a bath and a lot to understand about the gentle giants.
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Doi Suthep - Peaceful
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Clarence Mike Ng 1 year ago
Very interesting, is doi suthep far from chiang mai and would you recommend going by yourself (bike) or a chartered vehicle (car, tour etc)?
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I took a red taxi today and roughly costs about 120-150 Baht to go and return from the old city. This holds true if you are in a bigger group otherwise the taxis can get expensive.

It's not far - definitely can take a bike. I wasn't willing to risk without an international driving license. Better to take a few stops on the way and enjoy the views and waterfalls.
View from Doi Suthep. Best time to visit - Dawn or Dusk.
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The night markets and street stalls here are even better than Bangkok. Some fresh yummy Sushi from the Saturday night Market. Don't miss it.
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Suicidox 8x 1 year ago
Anyone been to the Loy Krathong? Any pics
Danny Wein was around
I was in BKK that day and it was a very muted Loy Krathong experience. I spotted a few people but the Chiang Mai one was better.
Dalton Pereira 1 year ago
The place looks beautiful and the food 😍
Oh man the food! Heading back again this week for more Chiang Mai.
Antonio Cárdenas 1 year ago
hello! can't wait to be there!!!
Clarence Mike Ng 1 year ago
Looks like such a beautiful place to visit
It's is beautiful indeed. I'll keep visiting this place again and again.
Clarence Mike Ng 1 year ago
Can't wait to visit chiang mai!
Best bargains - Some easy tips to make you a great bargainer in the Asian markets.

1. Smile - the vendors might be focused on selling and your cash but they're people too. Far more likely to secure your price with a smile :)

2. Look around - the stuff you're eyeing can be found at multiple stalls. Don't buy something right away. Check the prices and quality around the other stalls before reaching for your money.

3. First buy - most Asian shop owners believe the first sale is the way to a day of prosperity and abundance. So vendors want to get their first sale super quickly. This is great news for us shoppers as the vendors won't haggle for long if you're the first sale. Start your shopping early.
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Sunil Khedar 1 year ago
I see some cute owl bags!
Sunil Khedar a lot of elephants and owls
Red taxis, cycles, tuk tuks, scooters and good old walking are easy ways to get around the city. Walking around really helps appreciate and observe the little details and charm. The city is small :)
There are loads of these street side vendors selling beautiful handmade cushion covers, bedsheets and other handicrafts. Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! Easy 50-100 baht savings.
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Super cheap and yummy Thai Green curry served in a coconut shell and Rice in 50 Baht. Place is called Coconut Shells too.
The flea market is setup inside the temple area. This is amazing - the temple has a restaurant, market and massage center helping the locals setup businesses and earn a living.
Right around the Tha Phae gate road, there are a bunch of temples. I went to this one Wat Phan On. Super beautiful and peaceful.
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Fell in love with the breakfast. Omelettes and brown rice at Beetroot Stories. Add a banana + coconut milk smoothie and won't need lunch. This is my regular breakfast place.
Love burgers. RockMe burgers is the place to go for burgers.
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Tried out mostly veg. The first thing I looked out for is Kao Soi. The local special noodles in coconut broth with veggies or meat. Loved it at Aum Vegetarian.
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There are some cheaper options as well. I liked this one and it was close by to where I stayed.
I would highly recommend PunSpace - Tha Phae gate if you're ready to spend around 280 Baht for a day. Top floor with desks and ground floor with Small Skype rooms and Coffee shop. Snacks, instant coffee and tea are included.
Spent last 4 days in Chiang Mai. A mix of work and long walks around the Old city and Tha Phae gate. First if you want to get work done, there are crazy loads of coffee shops with super fast wifi. The silent ones with AC - Starbucks, The coffee Club, Black Canyon coffee. All near the Tha Phae gate.