City Chasers - Ask The Experts - Hosted by Hady Gonzalez - Pepo - Nov 19 2016, 01.30.45 PM UTC

City Chasers

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A space for travel aficionados who'd like to share their experiences, tips or their impressions of city highlights. We encourage everyone to post in your native language, and provide the translation into English whenever possible.

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Rosanna Fung 1 year ago
An new to this app. So trying to figure out how to use more effectively.
Rosanna Fung 1 year ago
Hi Hady, thanks for liking my page
Hady Gonzalez 1 year ago
I'm going to Germany next year in February, any inputs will be highly appreciated. I'm planning on visiting Berlin, Munich and I'm opened to suggestions for any other city or town in the Bavaria region.
Hady Gonzalez 1 year ago