Cocktail Culture - Ask The Experts - Hosted by Aaron Khoo - Pepo - Oct 27 2016, 03.33.33 PM UTC

Cocktail Culture

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For those who will drink anything, and those who won't just drink anything.

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Engy Debono 1 year ago
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Aaron Khoo 2 years ago
Just tried this. Goji berry liqueur. I'm โ€ฆ not convinced.
Aaron Khoo 2 years ago
At 28 HongKong Street for their Halloween/5th Anniversary Back-to-the-Future-themed partyโ€”the string of emojis in the headline is the name of the drink on the right, apparently it's pronounced "Dancing Lady".
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Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
In Berlin my favorite cocktails by far are at The Coven. It's a gay bar but straight friendly and not a scene or anything. They make the best Paloma

Paloma, Cocktail
Aaron Khoo 2 years ago
Sounds goodโ€”if I return to Berlin I will definitely check it out. My favourite Palomas are made with mescal, though โ€ฆ
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
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Aaron Khoo 2 years ago
Good old 28 HongKong, just down the street from Vasco. I'm not a huge fan of the place's vibe, but I begrudgingly go anyway because the drinks and food are excellent. One of the best burgers in Singapore, love their mac and cheese balls and the country-fried steak.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Hey Aaron Khoo - Christian Schoenherr took me to this one "secret bar" in Singapore that served some amazing cocktails. Trying to remember the name
Aaron Khoo 2 years ago
I know a few places just like that โ€ฆ describe it and I'll probably be able to tell you the name!
Aaron Khoo 2 years ago
I'm having an avocado "daiquiri", a small-batch special at a bar I frequent in Singapore (Vasco). Not at all what I was expecting, in a very good way. What's a cocktail that's recently blown your mind, even a little bit, and where did you have it?
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