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Diet routines

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Guys, i need diet charts

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Shazia Jamal 12 months ago
Please share a diet chart for me..i am 30, female , 5.3" and weigh 59 kgs
Vallari Shah 1 year ago
Hi I am lifestyle nutritionist I can help you'll with a diet chart
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Joszynas Odoi 1 year ago
Please I need a diet chart
Zunaira Qureshi 1 year ago
Any diet plan is coming or not? 😐
I also need diet chart
Muzzemmil Aslam 1 year ago
Need balanced diet plan of 1500 - 2000 kcal of Pakistani/Desi food, i am male age 28
Zunaira Qureshi 1 year ago
I want a chart too.
Ayma Ali 1 year ago
Some carb less breakfast ideas plz
Zunira Gul 1 year ago
Help gus
Zunira Gul 1 year ago
Bernarda Cruz 1 year ago
Use sea salt
Bernarda Cruz 1 year ago
Avoid carbs and sugar
Durre Shahwar 1 year ago
I need a diet chart for tummy reductions
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Eman Elmaddawi 1 year ago
Decrease carb and no milk or bread at night
Best thing that I have done is not eat carbs
Umme Hani Qureshi 1 year ago
Hi guysss, can anyone tell me a healthy routine for dieting. I'm 69 kgs. I need to loose 15 more kgs and my weight is stuck
For me worked the military diet when I was stucked at 64
It's a 3day diet that I had a month ago -lost 3 kg -and I did not put any kg back on
Now I do my regular diet(eat well&workout) an started loosing again