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This chat is for people who loves or are travelling to Vietnam. Tell us what's going on here about the beautiful sight, people and food!

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Lyf&Spice 1 year ago
Hi guys.. m planning to head to Vietnam in June..
Duration: 8 days (including travel)
People travelling: 2
Route: Kuala Lumpur- Hanoi
: Da nang- kuala lumpur
How do I plan my itinerary around this? Plz suggest.
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Ricardo OB 1 year ago
Need good and cheap accommodation in Ho ChinMing
Eric b 1 year ago
Eric b 1 year ago
Hi I will be traveling from Saigon to Hanoi in April I intended to use buses and trains. Any tips? Thanks
Cez Krol 1 year ago
Top bunk seems cooler, but I recommend the lower one because it's easier to fall asleep and at some point you might want to do that. Similarly, front of the bus is a better idea
Pawel Hyrkiel 1 year ago
Any restaurants you recommend in hanoi?
Megha Agrawal 1 year ago
Gecko cafe at Hang bong is must visit.. awesome food and drinks
Megha Agrawal 1 year ago
Isaac Kwaku 1 year ago
Petros Petri 1 year ago
Guys, those who have experienced Vietnam are you able to tell me the top 3 places that are a must see to go and do?
Cez Krol 1 year ago
The best place for me was Ninh Binh, unforgettable. They call it inland halong bay
True! ninh binh is great place. Living in vietnam just makes me feel alive.
Moh Mallian 1 year ago
Hello I have heard a lot about Vietnam please tell me more
Linh Pham 1 year ago
Hi, even I am not in Vietnam at the moment. But I would love to give you guys who plan to go to Vietnam in the next time. Feel free co send me a message on Facebook
Kunwar Oberoi 1 year ago
Kunwar Oberoi 1 year ago
Petros Petri 1 year ago
Hey guys, me and my husband are travelling to Vietnam in March and we'd love any tips on what to see and visit?
Megha Agrawal 1 year ago
Hanoi... Halong bay... Hoyan... Are must visit places...
Just finish my travel on Hochi Minh City
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Samran Ali Malik 1 year ago
I am traveling to Saigon. Any good massage centers near district 1?
Samran Ali Malik 1 year ago
Quang Dũng 1 year ago
Hanoi is quite cool this time of a year. The perfect season for a fried battered sweeat potato! Sweet and hot and crispy. The sweet potato is so moist inside as well!