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Have u been to the Forks Market in Winnipeg? They have a fab eating & drinking area called The Commons where u can enjoy great beers on tap & wine by the glass and a myriad of global cuisines. Today, i had the Lobster Roll sushi from Fusion Sushi. Loved it!
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Love the Mexican coffee at Brown's Social Club in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, north Main Street location. Great service we loved the chicken carbonara pasta, too.
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March 3-4 is the date of the Gimli Ice Festival. This is a fun event on the frozen shores of Lake Winnipeg with an ice sculpting contest and lots more. Luckh for all that the weather will be mild this weekend in Manitoba's Interlake region.
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I adore the desert landscape. The Sonoran Desert of Arizona is remarkable. So much desert beauty in the abundance of cactus.
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If you are in Scottsdale Arizona & love rum, don't miss a visit to Toro Latin Restaurant and Rum Bar. They've got more than 100 varieties of rum and can make a feature cocktail from any rum. I love Kracken and they made me a special cocktail that blended Kracken, banana liquer, lime juice, and vanilla syrup. Covered in flower petals. Yummm.
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You can find such simple beauty & creativity if j look for it. I took this pic on Highway 68 in the Interlake region of Manitoba, Canada. A remote location near Arborg, on the way to Fisher Branch. Beautiful farming country. πŸ”πŸ£πŸ„πŸ“πŸΏπŸŒ²
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If you find yourself in #gimli #manitoba #canada be sure to stop in at the #lakeviewresort for a #beetsalad in #seagullsrestaurant. #really good with candied #cashews and #goatcheese.
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I have got to get to Budapest & enjoy some of this amazing Hungarian chocolate. chocoMe is a Treasure of Hungary featuring cocoa from Peru & the Dominican Republic.