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Meat creations and more...

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It's not just meat. It is a blank canvas you create on. We hope you 'll enjoy the pictures as our friends enjoy eating our meat creations. Through this chat we'll try to show you unique meat creations and special meat cuts. May the forks be with you!

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These are the ingredients for an experiment that hasn't been done before....
Mastiha liqueur dry aged cowboy steaks!!!
First test on 20th of May 2017. Awaiting for the chefs' comitee.
Stay tuned....
Our shops meat display durring the Christmas period. A bit of everything...
Pork "flower pot". Pork rib eye with skin, filled with dry fruits - nuts with a brandy and orange marmelade sauce. Ready in the oven bag!
Pork spare rib crown, with rosemary, sage, lemon zest and white wine paste. Ready for the oven!!!