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The latest news and tips on email marketing evolution and strategies 📬

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Austin Sieben 1 year ago
I use ontraport 🏆⚡⚡
Francesco Sisco 1 year ago
Right before the weekend AWS has introduced dedicated IP on its SES menù, and it can be the ingredient for a really big change. What do you think?
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
What services do you use for email marketing?
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  • Exact target 2
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  • Constant contct 1
  • Sendgrid 1
Paul Renshaw 1 year ago
Alex Perevalov 1 year ago
Seligent & Litmus
Francesco Sisco 1 year ago
How We Developed a Unique Experience for Non-Tech-Savy Email Marketers
Francesco Sisco 1 year ago
Or Luis SHEMTOV are you interested?
Abhay Kumar Singh 2 years ago
Francesco Sisco we can try this
Abhay Kumar Singh 2 years ago
$0. 05 per load through quizzes
Rajat Mehta 2 years ago
Even in India?
Francesco Sisco 2 years ago
We actually see that in Europe a strong regulation has been able to really tackle down the spamming behavior. It works well because it is a fine that increased with the number of spammed people and it is truly enforced by regulation bodies. We could also say that Mass email sending is too easy accessible to the public. Instead of fines we could implement stronger entry barriers to ESPs. If the providers of the services are able to filter out spammers from their side, then regulation would not be necessary. But in this case many provider lack of interest or technology to enforce such solution. Standards could be required to provide such kind of services for instance.
Rajat Mehta 2 years ago
Can be done.
Francesco Sisco 2 years ago
This is to share and discuss related news and strategy in order to be always on top of the medium.
Francesco Sisco 2 years ago
Email marketing has been in the recent period and currently the channel with the highest ROI , so in a certain sense yes!
Mithun Narkar 2 years ago
How to earn money?
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Mithun Narkar 2 years ago
What is work on it??