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Vikash Singh 9 months ago
Hi, a Delhi based Home Automation company is offering dealership in Bangalore and Pune, with strong service support. Intrested person can contact me
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Anand Vanjape 10 months ago
Road Master Bicycles is offering franchise all across Maharashtra. For more details please get in touch with me. Thanks
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Vishal Singh 10 months ago
Hi. I would like to talk with you regarding road master bikes.
Rucha Bhat 10 months ago
Hello Guys !! This is a shout out to all entrepreneurs here.. I wanted to understand what are the challenges you face at the very initial level when trying to setup the foundation/base, how long do you sit on an idea.. do brainstorming and take a leap ?

How to walk towards entrepreneurial goal step by step ?

Any help would be appreciated !!
Brian Soans 10 months ago
Paul Renshaw 11 months ago
Hey everybody, I do all things digital in a law firm. I always have loads of ideas for businesses, apps, technology etc. (as many do) but realised my biggest passion is for communicating with customers and finding what is really valuable to them then using that information to help businesses provide that value to their customers so that their customers become more valuable to the business.

This weekend I created a new website to promote the kinds of activities and provide "Marketing Experiments" to do just what I said previously. It's still in progress but you can check it out and subscribe or visit my social profiles if you'd like to be kept up to date via http://superbify.com
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Rahul Singhi 12 months ago
Hi good morning...
How well have you developed your e-commerce? I mean you really have to go online to reach more vast audience and to make the consumers to be aware of your service. So, some of the points that you have made actually make sense. For example, #1,#4 and #5 are mutually dependent. My advice: go online and develop your communication channels to reach more customers.
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Vashitwa Mishra 1 year ago
Following is a brief about my small weekend initiative to structure sports and outdoor activities on weekends.
To begin with i started a small football club in Airoli, Navi Mumbai.
It's up and running since November 2016. As of now the good news is it's self sustainable.
The initial investment was provided be me alone. Eventually I reinvested the money over few months that was generated from the club trainings.
The primary business model is training to school kids provided by some senior players based in AIROLI.
Challenge : So far i have not needed any additional support or finances but to expand the club, i have to generate more business by either of following ways ;
1. Attracting more school kids who can join the club
2. Starting another training ground in different part of Airoli or different node in Navi Mumbai like Kharghar.
3. Starting more activities so kids interested in other activities can be attracted.
4. A good website which can establish the brand and help in attracting more kids.
5. Good social networking with regular updates.
6. Regular tournaments or intra matches.
7. Taking the kids to play outside Mumbai / sports tours.

What i basically need is support with marketing of my club to attract more kids.
This will help me generate more money.
With this money i can take them to play regular tournaments and tours outside Mumbai.

Suggests and comments welcome from you.

Best regards,
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Ayush Garg 1 year ago
Where are the entrepreneurial stuff being shared here? Let's share experiences and solutions to respective domain problems.

Anyone in laundry startup? Stuff on customer acquisition, quality maintainance, etc can be shared. My next post will be a sharing the innovation one of my mentee startup does.

Like to show interest. 10+ likes and I start sharing.
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Austin Sieben 1 year ago
Crushing it for a Friday πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Launching new business! REMEMBER do your market research! Booked 10 calls today alone with all sorts of my demographics! Crush it today team! 😎
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Shubham Agarwal 1 year ago
Hello beautiful minds..!!
I am Shubham joining in from India looking to connect with people of the same wavelength and learn what's been going on new.!
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Chetan Gupta 11 months ago
Hey lets get connected chetan@inkdad.com
Hello to everyone I am new here
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Huda Al Ali 1 year ago
Hi everyone ,

My name is Huda , and I'm from Jordan. I'm studying innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.K. I'm looking forward to finding business idea for my dissertation. I'm going to write about open innovation and how to accelerate innovation in developing countries. Any ideas, recommendations and suggestions.

Thanks in advance
Ayush Garg 1 year ago
Let's connect and find a thesis for you from India. Have mentored 12 startups here, after having founded 4 multimillion ventures and having 1 successful exit after 3 failures.
William Seow 1 year ago
Nice set up! Keep it up!β™₯
Take a look at my chat on Total Life Changes here on Pepo! Check out my link www.totallifechanges.com/flowsvision transform your mindset, health and wealth
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Etame Clovis 1 year ago
Greetings to all business intellectual in here
George Mulenga 1 year ago
Business minds
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Ash Aesma 1 year ago
Iam clueless as to what I want in life and no amount of Probing in my mind is helping
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Abdulwahab Abutaleb 1 year ago
First thing to do is to accept that. It is normal. Most of us have no clue of what to do in life 😊
Florence W. Nyoike 1 year ago
Ash check out my chat on Total Life Changes
Ash Aesma 1 year ago
Hi everyone
Eduin Castillo 1 year ago
How this work ?