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Sarvesh Sah 12 months ago
Looking for an app that helps me live in calorie deficit by telling me which food is how much calories? An advanced version of Google fit.
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Sarvesh Sah 12 months ago
Anyone with an idea of calories tracking app?
Cameron Rogers 1 year ago
What do you suggest eating in exchange for meat in order to get enough protein in my diet?
Eggs! I eat 3 eggs most every day.
Do you eat fish?
Cameron Rogers 1 year ago
I still eat meat (and fish) as I don't think I can give it up cold turkey (no pun intended), but I would like to reduce my consumption, mostly for environmental and social reasons. I doubt I'll go full vegetarian, but if I could at least find ways to replace meat with other food for a couple of meals per week, I'd like to do that.
Eggs, cheese, protein shakes(natural ones not powders - Spinache , hemp seeds, nuts) , vegan milk
Sarvesh Sah 1 year ago
How to modify my diet so as to make it more protein heavy and less in carbs? I can't take protein shake which was an obvious solution.
How about eggs? I eat 3 to 5 eggs per day!
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Monica Mistry 12 months ago
Substitute quinoa for rice
Ashief Lama Pakhrin 12 months ago
How abt green vegetables... take green vegetable..
Dallin Wardrop 1 year ago
I didn't feel like working out this morning.... I have a sore throat. I didn't work out and I'm debating if I will tonight or not. what would you do?
I find that lifting weights helps me build my immune system while cardio does the opposite.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Thought on the Nike Apple Watch?

๐Ÿ“ฐ The Apple Watch Nike+ is a running watch I might actually use
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Oleg Fomenko 1 year ago
Not sure about Runtastic, but addition of a pretty robust GPS sensor should allow any tracker to function reasonably well. We at Sweatcoin ( have released an app that allows to turn your steps into currency without having your iphone on you.
Have been using the Nike+ Watch for a while. Enjoy my basketball, swimming and running. Gymaholic and my swim pro help with some detailed breakdowns. :)
Stuart Brown 2 years ago
Right...there is certainly a concept in there ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Stuart Brown 2 years ago
It works very well. You can't 'game' it either by, say, strapping to your dog :-)
Stuart Brown 2 years ago
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Christian Schoenherr 2 years ago
That's a cool concept!
Sal Matteis 2 years ago
Sounds really cool Stuart Brown I'll go give it a go