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I’d love to share some of my favorite destinations around the world with you, which is why I am starting a brand new series: Destination Feature:

Destination Feature #1: The Ice Diamonds of Breidamurkursandur

Breidamurkursandur, or Diamond Beach, is just across the street from Jökulsárlón, Iceland’s most famous glacier lagoon. The drive from Reykjavik takes just under five hours (231 miles/372km), and from Vik, just over two hours (119 miles/192km). If you’re driving Icleand’s Ring Road (Highway 1), you’ll pass Jökulsárlón anyway – the lagoon and the beach are literally a stone’s throw from the road.

Like bright diamonds in different shapes and sizes, dozens of chunks of ice litter the beach, and giant waves crashing against them, moving the smaller ones around, forcefully repelled by the bigger ones.

It is a spectacular sight, and I don’t think there’s anything like Diamond Beach anywhere else in the world (okay, maaaaybe in Antarctica.)
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Cruise ships 🚢 - yay or nay⁉️

A few years ago, I went on my first ever cruise. For a week we cruised around the Mediterranean, stopping in different ports in Spain, France and Italy. I wasn’t sure if cruise vacations were for me, but surprisingly, I loved the cruise. Since then, I’ve gone on another cruise – around the Galapagos Islands. And again: the cruise was absolutely amazing. I am now eyeing cruises around Alaska and the Caribbean, and I am sure it won’t be long until I find myself on a cruise ship again. There are many reasons why I love cruises, but let me share my top five reasons why I think you should go on a cruise vacation:

1 Great value for money

Cruises are great value for money! If you check discount cruise websites, you will notice that cruises are very inexpensive, and you can often find deals that are almost too good to be true. A 7-day cruise around the Mediterranean can be found for as little as $399 – and that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t that great, because that is exactly what I paid for my Med cruise, and I loved the ship and its amenities. And just think about what’s included in this price: Everything from accommodation to transportation to food for an entire week!

2 A Great Way To Get A Teaser Of Various Countries In A Short Time

While the short amount of time you get to spend in each place was a turn-off for me initially, I liked that it gave me a teaser of each place I visited – and still enough time to see a lot. When the boat docked in Livorno, for example, we still had enough time to drive around the hills of Tuscany all day, stopping in picturesque towns along the way, enjoying local wines and meals. When we docked on the French island of Corsica, a day was by far not enough to explore the entire island, but it whetted my appetite and made me vow that I’d return for a week-long vacation one day. And that’s precisely why I’d really like to go on a Caribbean cruise: to get a teaser of several Caribbean islands and then decide which ones are worth a longer visit.

3 No travel planning

For someone like me, who is constantly on the move, not having to worry about any travel planning is a major plus. You basically just have to check in on the boat and enjoy the ride, leaving the route planning to someone else. Booking hotels? Nope! Even though you’re visiting several countries, you’ll sleep in the same bed every night. And that’s another plus for me: the convenience of it:

4 It’s easy

Not only are you spared the travel planning, but the entire trip itself is very uncomplicated. You enjoy the ship’s facilities on cruise days, and whenever you dock somewhere, you can decide if you want to head out independently, or if you’d like to take an organized tour of a place. And while I enjoy exploring cities on my own, instead of following a tour leader around a busy city as part of a group, I enjoyed the organized snorkeling trips on my last cruise, and would definitely sign up for a snorkeling tour in the Caribbean, tour.

5 The food

Yes, I love food, and I loved the food on both cruises I went on. And after talking about cruises with other people who have taken cruise vacations, I know that my cruises were no exception: the food on cruise ships is fantastic. No matter if you go for the buffet option or if you opt for fine dining – you won’t be disappointed. I’ve found the range of food on the cruises I’ve taken to be large, the produce fresh and tasty, and most importantly for me: vegetarian friendly! I had to force myself to work out every day on the cruises I was on to compensate for all the cake I was eating (dessert buffets are dangerous, but may also be the best thing ever!)

❓❓❓what do you say: Cruise ships yay or nay ❓❓❓
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Ignas if you go on one I'd love to hear what you thought of it 😊
Ignas Pečiūra 3 weeks ago
Dani definitely 👍
The weekenGO app has released a study revealing the top 100 best cities to spend the weekend. The results give an overall score for each city, but also indicate which destinations are best for three different types of travellers; millennials, families and baby boomers.

Some interesting results (see picture for the full list and scores)

· London, United Kingdom ranks as the best city to spend the weekend overall, coming out top for concerts, theatre and cinema, and ranking highly for museums, accommodation options and LGBT friendliness.
· Berlin, Germany ranks as the top recommended destination for millennials, Vienna, Austria for families and Zurich, Switzerland for baby boomers.
· New York City, USA ranks number 7 in the top 100
· Madrid is the only city that got a 100/100 for LGBT friendliness!
• Hamburg, Germany made the list! Who would've thought!

❓❓❓Is your favorite city to spend a weekend on the list? Which cities do you feel are missing❓❓❓
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Ignas Pečiūra 1 week ago
❤️ Berlin ❤️
Two Bad Tourists 1 week ago
Go Madrid! 🇪🇸🇪🇸
So, London was just voted 'Best City in the world to spend a weekend'... (see my precious post).. so guess where I'm headed next weekend!!

It's been a while since I lived in London, so I'm sure there are plenty of new places now - bars, restaurants, coffee shops..

What should I do when I visit London next week? Would love your recommendations for cool spots to check out!
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Honey de G 1 week ago
Yaaaaay! Hope to bump into you!
Honey that'd be amazing 😃

These are all the tech gadgets I take on each and every trip:
- laptop with mouse and external hard drive 💻
- international adapter
- Kindle Fire
- Sony A6000 + two 16GB SD cards 📸
- USB stick
- USB flashlight 🔦
- GlocalMe or Skyroam Wifi hotspot
- Small portable charger (PowerBank)
- large portable charger (which in addition to my phone can charge my camera, my Kindle and my Wifi hotspot)
- remote shutter
- smartphone 📱
- charger cables

❓Which gadgets do you take with you on a trip❓
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  • Smartphone 2
  • Laptop 1
  • Power bank 1
  • Tablet 1
Ignas Pečiūra 2 weeks ago
Haha, I thought I am travelling light, but I did realise I take a lot of gadgets :) Still thinking about bringing my film camera to my next trip 🎞️
Ignas Oh how can you not!! This was my first trip without my dSLR. I felt weird not taking it, after nearly eight years with it, but the camera plus zoom lens and /or wide angle lens was just too heavy & bulky 😳
***Flight Hacking Tip: Google Flights***

Is anybody else using Google Flights?

In the past, I’ve used sites like Expedia, OneTravel and Skyscanner to find cheap flights, but in recent years, Google Flights always ended up finding the cheapest flights for me.

Here are five tips on how to get the most out of Google Flights:

1 Get price alerts

When I am looking to book a flight, I always set up an email alert to get updates on the latest changes in price. When GoogleFlights emails me with a price drop for the flight I’m looking to book, that’s when I usually book it.

2 Use the calendar

If you are flexible with your dates (even slightly!), look at the calendar and get an overview for the entire month. See which dates are the cheapest for your route.

3 Listen to Google

On that note – Google Flights already suggests a cheaper date to you, stating in the results how much money you’ll safe if you leave on day X instead.

4 Use the map

If you are somewhat flexible with your destination, use the map function. It’ll show you how much it costs to fly into a nearby airport instead. If you’re planning a Euro trip with a flexible schedule for example, this function is super useful, because flying into a different country in Europe can save you hundreds of dollars.

5 Be spontaneous

If you just want to get away but don’t care much about where you are going, use the ‘Discover Destinations’ function. Just type in your dates and the airport you’re leaving from and you’ll be shown cheap flights to all kinds of different places. This is a great way to find a cheap destination!
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Dani Globetrottergirls 2 months ago
Jason I don't really like how much google knows about me but I can't complain about the flight deals they're finding for me ☺️
Swaminathan Jayaraman 2 months ago
Dani I use a mix of Momondo and Google Flights. Usually compare the cheapest and the best options to pick that works for me. Momondo does search for all major and budget airlines too.
***L.A. Travel Tip: Hike To The Hollywood Sign***

Hiking up Runyon Canyon is the most popular hike in Los Angeles, but did you know that you can hike up to the Hollywood Sign? You can’t get to the sign by car, the only way to get up, close and personal with these giant white letters that have become an American icon, is on foot or by horse, and you can’t get in front of the letters, only above them.

It used to be a bit tricky to get up to the sign until a few years ago, unless you were a local and knew your way around. The Trust For Public Land, that is in charge of protecting the sign and the surrounding lands, has made it much easier now to find the right paths and not get lost in the relatively remote and rugged southern side of Mount Lee, on which the sign is located. There are now several hiking routes: the Mt Hollywood Trail (short and moderately difficult), the Canyon Drive Trail (longest route), and the Cahuenga Peak Trail (the shortest, but most challenging). We took a shorter version of the Mt Hollywood Trail, which can be started at the Griffith Observatory (3.5 miles round trip) or at Sunset Ranch at the northern end of N Beachwood Drive. The ranch offers guided horse rides up the sign, by the way.

The hike is pleasant, with sweeping views over parts of L.A., Glendale and The Valley from various viewpoints along the way – but the star of the show, the sign itself, stays out of sight for the most part. I started the hike at Sunset Ranch, but next time I’d start at the Griffith Observatory for a longer hike and better views of the sign itself.

When you get to the sign, the most astonishing thing is seeing how big these letters actually are: each letter is 45 feet tall (14 meters) and all of them next to each other are 350 feet (110 meters) long! My height compared to it: 5.8 feet.

If you’re thinking about climbing the security fences that fence off the sign, be warned: the charges are no joke. Trespassers face a $1000 fine, restitution to the City agencies involved in the trespasser’s arrest, a one-year probation period and 20 days on a Cal Trans highway crew.

My advice is to hike up there in the late afternoon – seeing the mountains bathed in the warm ‘golden hour’ light is beautiful, and you’ll get to see the sunset from the Hollywood sign. The views from over LA from up there are stunning! If you hike up for sunset, make sure to bring a flashlight though: the hike back down will be pitch black, since there are no lights.

Fun fact: The sign didn’t have any association with the movie industry when it was put up in 1923. Instead, it was supposed to promote local real estate during a time when the Hollywood Hills weren’t the prime real estate location that they are today. Back then it still read Hollywoodland. After years of deterioration, Hugh Hefner started a fundraiser to save the sign, and $250,000 were raised to restore the sign that had fallen into disrepair.

You can find more information on the hikes to the Hollywood sign here:
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***Destination Tip: Budget Tips for Iceland***

For the past few years, Iceland’s been one of the hottest destinations (even though it’s actually the opposite of that: really cold!). I have yet to meet someone who does NOT want to go to Iceland! The only problem with Iceland is that it is notoriously expensive, and not everybody can afford a pricey trip with fancy hotels or an organized tour around the country.

I've got good news for you though: I was able to keep my expenses low in Iceland and visit the country on a small budget, and I've put together my best tips for you on how to spend as little as possible on a trip to Iceland:

1. Bring your friends!
That's right - the more people you are, the cheaper it'll get. Especially when it comes to car rentals. A medium-sized car costs around 40 Euros per day, which means, if you are traveling with three friends, that's only 10 Euros per person per day for a car (and you'll really want a car in Iceland - it's all about the landscapes, many of which you can't reach on public transport).

If you travel with friends, you can also share 4-bed rooms in a hostel, which are cheaper than double rooms.

2. Don't eat at restaurants.
Restaurants in Iceland are pricey! A pizza starts at around ISK2,000 (US$18.80) a burger is around ISK1,900 (US$17.90). Shop in the supermarkets instead and make picnic lunches - they're not cheap either but you can get a meal for about half the price of what you'd pay for a restaurant meal.

3. Don’t pay for water
Icelanders pride themselves for having some of the best water in the world! It comes straight from a spring and is delicious – why would you pay for bottled water?! Plus, you won’t contribute to plastic bottle garbage.

4. Don't visit during high season
During the summer months, prices surge. For accommodation and rental cars in particular. If you go in April /May or in September, you'll get much better deals. If you go in low season (Oct-March), you can save up to 50% for rental cars, but the weather can be pretty bad and the days are much shorter, something to be aware of.

5. Don't drink
I know, this can be tough, but prices for alcohol in Iceland are ridiculous. If you really want to booze, pick up liquor or beer at the duty free shop in the airport right when you arrive. In regular supermarkets, beer starts at ISK800 (up to 1200) /US$7.50-11.30, but cans are cheaper: around ISK350 /US$3.30 (for 500ml).
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 2 months ago
Thanks Dani Globetrottergirls

The tip I was looking for! Heading to Iceland in November and already thinking to get a travel partner here and for food, may be planning to live on cup noodles and ready to eat stuff.
***INSIDER TIP: Camino De Vino***

"You walk in the mornings, and you drink wine in the afternoons."

This was how the Camino de Santiago had been described to one of my fellow pilgrims, and she didn’t have to think long about if she wanted to do it.

30 to 35 days of walking and wine drinking? If you’re a wine lover, the popular pilgrims route from Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port in the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest of Spain might be for you, too!

Because the Camino passes no less than nine wine regions as it winds its way through northern Spain! You can sample wine in each region – bottles are as little as 5 Euros, and a glass of wine is usually around €1.30.

There is even a free wine fountain along the Camino!

Some of the wines you’ll have to try along the way:

-Bierzo Wines: Bierzo is a rural and remote ancient region in the north-western corner of Spain, or Castilla y León which until recently was one of Spain’s best kept secrets. El Bierzo wine counts as one of the country’s up and coming stars within the wine industry!
-Rioja: Made from grapes grown in the autonomous communities of La Rioja and Navarre, and the Basque province of Álava
-Tempranillo: A popular a medium- to full-bodied wine with red fruit characteristics, which is grown in Castile and León.

…and plenty of other, lesser known, but incredibly tasty wines along the way!
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One of the questions I get asked the most is: what’s the best pizza in NYC? 🍕🍕🍕

Oh, and what a tough question to answer, because honestly, there are so many amazing pizza places in New York. But I’d narrow my top five down to:

1 Roberta’s (hands down the best NY-style pizza)
2 Artichoke Basille (their artichoke pizza is so unlike any other pizza you’ll ever try!)
3 Keste (mouthwatering good Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas)
4 Paulie Gee’s (this is where I go for wood-fired pizzas with unusual toppings)
5 Totonno’s (for a classic, old-school Grimaldi-style slice)

Are you a pizza lover, too, and have you tried a NYC slice? If so, what was your favorite one?
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Maya G 3 months ago
Excuse me?? What about best pizza?!
Have you ever visited a place because it was the setting of a book or movie and you felt like you had to see this place for yourself?

For me, this was Maya Bay on Pi Pi Lei in Thailand, better known as ‘The Beach’, made famous through Alex Garland’s novel of the same name. Sadly, when I arrived there, it wasn’t what I had pictured at all. I wrote about it here:

Another place I became obsessed with and knew I had to visit after seeing it in dozens of movies and TV shows was New York City. Well, visiting New York was exactly what I had imagined it to be and even more – after my first visit, I really wanted to move there.. and kept returning ... and eight years later, I finally made the dream of moving to NYC come true.

I’d love to hear your stories of places you visited because of pop culture or other influences, and how you felt about them when you arrived there!
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***Money Saving Tips***

People often ask me how I can afford to travel so much, despite living in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

I’ve put together a list of my top money saving tips for you – and if you have any to add that I didn’t include, feel free to share them in the comments 😊

1. I don’t pay for cable. I only have a $7.99 Netflix subscription.
2. I don’t have a phone plan. I only have a $30 monthly pay-as-you-go SIM card (less than half of what regular phone plans cost!)
3. I use coupons whenever I can (CVS, Walgreens, Groupon for meals)
4. I don’t spend money on fancy hair cuts or / and manicures. I do my nails myself and get my hair cut in cheap neighborhoods in Brooklyn, instead of expensive hair salons.
5. I don’t go out for lunch or waste $13 on mediocre salads in the popular salad bars in New York. Instead, I pack a lunch.
6. I only buy clothes on sale, never pay full price. That said: I only buy what I really need, I don’t go shopping very often. I also don't get the latest gadgets - I still use my iPhone 5s, my laptop is three years old, I don't have a fancy mirror less camera (even though I want one!) and I don't have a Fitbit (even though I want one). I also don't have a tablet, an amazon echo, or other stuff like that. Not even a TV ‼️
7. I use an app (Cups) for coffee shops – It gives me 15% off per cup. This adds up! I also only order regular coffee or café au lait, never overpriced lattes / cappuccinos / flat whites.
8. I don’t have an apartment, I usually sublet a room, which is less than half the price of an apartment in NYC.
9. I don’t go out a lot, and if I do, I take advantage of Happy Hours.
10. I never take Ubers/Lyfts/ Yellow Cabs – I have a monthly subway card which gets me everywhere I need to go, at any time of day. Or I use my bike.

All of the above things make me spend around $1,000 less every month than my friends spend in NYC.

***I also have found several ways to make an income on the side, which I’ll share in an upcoming post***
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Travel Tip Austin: Eight Craft Beer Bars You Have To Visit

Austin has an amazing amount of craft beer bars and microbreweries where you can sample local Texan beers and micro brews from all over the US. Here are the top eight craft beer pubs you have to try if you love microbrews and happen to find yourself in Austin:

1. Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden
2. Growler (both with over 100 craft beers on tap)
3. Ginger Man (with over 70 taps)
4. Craft Pride (over 50 Texan beers on tap)
5. Draught House Pub & Brewery
6. Pinthouse Pizza (also worth a visit for their pizza!)
7. Black Sheep Lodge
8. Easy Tiger
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🏳️‍🌈Insider Tip🏳️‍🌈
How to spend the perfect queer 24 hours in NYC

If you’re looking for a lesbian (or queer) getaway, NYC is the perfect place for you! It’s easy to have 24 queer hours here: Start your day with a run in Central Park, followed by a fabulous brunch at 44 & X in Hell’s Kitchen, a gorgeous brunch spot popular with LGBT New Yorkers and visitors. Head down to 34th street and walk the elevated Highline Park all the way to the end – it brings you right into the West Village where you can visit the Stonewall Inn LGBT Memorial and Christopher Park right across the street with its gay and lesbian sculptures. Continue your afternoon in the West Village and do some shopping in the many boutiques and quirky stores around Bleecker and MacDougal Street. Later in the day, drop by the Cubbyhole, New York’s infamous lesbian bar, which you shouldn’t miss on a visit to New York. If you feel like dancing, head over to Boots & Saddle, Stonewall Inn or Henrietta Hudson’s. 🏳️‍🌈
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***New York Insider Tip: A Fall Foliage Road Trip***

Mid-October is fall foliage peak season in upstate New York: the perfect excuse to leave the city for a weekend and go on a road trip! You don’t have to drive all the way to New England to see incredible fall colors. But book your getaway now - the little towns tend to get busy on weekends during leaf peeping season.

Seeing the charming little towns in the Catskills and Peekskills all dressed up for autumn, with pumpkins decorating entrances of houses and window sills, stacks of hay, fall flowers and restaurant menus denouncing seasonal specials, is just as beautiful. You can stop on the side of the road to pick up some farm-fresh apples, homemade jams, pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, apple cider and fresh honey.

On of my favorite places in the fall is the scenic Seven Lakes region. Make sure to take a detour and do the 7 Lakes Drive.

Bear Mountain State Park, about 50 miles north of New York City, is another great stop – climb up to the peak of the mountain for fantastic views over the Hudson River! When the weather is good you can see four states from the top of Perkins Memorial Tower atop of the mountain: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

The hike takes about three hours in total. It is steep at times, but the panoramic vistas are definitely worth the climb.
Towns worth stopping in: Rhinebeck, Kingston and Catskill.
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***Travel Tip:
Save time with Google Popular Times***
Google has made my travels so much easier (thanks to Google Maps, especially the offline version when I am abroad without a SIM card and don't have data on my phone) and cheaper.

I wish that I would have known about Google's Popular Time feature when I visited the Whitney Art Museum a few weeks ago - because then I would've seen that it tends to be crowded on Saturday evenings. If you have only a limited amount of time in a place and plan to visit popular sights or museums, Popular Times can show you when the place is the least busy, allowing you to avoid crowds and waiting in line. The same feature also works great for restaurants - the popular Tim Ho Wan restaurant in Hong Kong for example. If you don't want to stand in line for three hours, you better don't go between noon and 3pm.

What's your favorite feature on Google/ googleMaps?
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Exactly one month until Oktoberfest begins in Munich!!

Who is going?? 😊

Oktoberfest is one of Germany’s biggest festivals – around 6 million people visit the world’s largest beer festivals in the span of 18 short days, which means nearly 400,000 people roam Theresienwiese, where Oktoberfest takes place, every day. This is just to give you an idea how busy the festival is (see photo on the bottom right) – good planning is absolutely essential if you want to get a table in one of the 14 beer tents without having a reservation.

My number one tip for Oktoberfest: If you want to snag a seat inside one of the tents, you have to get there either at 10am when the tents open or just before 5pm, when the second round of ticket holders is allowed into the tents and the first round has to leave their tables. During those times you’re most likely to get a seat, even more so on a weekday. Don’t be shy and ask people to join their table – Oktoberfest is all about the shared long beer tables, and drinking and singing together! The popular tents like Hacker Tent, Paulaner or Löwenbräu tend to fill up fast – try lesser famous tents like Schottenhamel or Bräurosl and you’re more likely to get a seat.

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, you’ll notice that there are only rooms left in very expensive hotels – the inexpensive hotels book up as early as February! You may be lucky to still find a room in an Airbnb in Munich, but if not, don’t be afraid to look further afar – Augsburg for example is only 40 minutes on the train from Munich, and train services between Munich and Augsburg are frequent and reliable. Other towns close to Munich worth looking into are Fürstenfeldbruck, Landsberg am Lech, Dachau Freising and Starnberg. They all have easy and fast train connections to Munich, and you pay less for rooms there than in Munich.

Last but not least – a word on the Oktoberfest beer: Oktoberfest beer has 6% - 7% alcohol, which means that it is stronger than most other beers, and served in large Steins that hold 2.2 pints. You’ll feel the alcohol much faster, so be careful ;-)
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Jason Goldberg 2 months ago
Going for the 4th time this year. Love it!
Two more weeks until I leave for my big hike! It takes 34 days to walk the 500 miles to Santiago de Compostela in Spain from Saint Jean Pied du Port in the French Pyrenees. Has anyone done the walk?

Any tips for a first-timer?? 🙂
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Rucha Bhat 2 months ago
Amazing Dani !! Good luck 😀
Maria Gonzalez 2 months ago
I did the walk from Sarria... my tip is to cover your feet in vaselina before you start the walk each day. Buen camino!!
What’s your favorite thing about fall?

Mine: Halloween, the fall foliage and pumpkin spiced craft beers 😊
And pumpkin patches are pretty awesome too - hundreds of bright orange pumpkin in different shapes and sizes. Also fun? A corn maze! If you've got no plans for a weekend in October, look up corn mazes near you.

I also love fall foods like any kind of soup or reading a book in a café with a fireplace while sipping a steaming Chai Latte 😍
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***Destination Spotlight: Valparaiso, Chile***

Valparaiso was my favorite city in Chile – by far! The city, which sits on 45 hills overlooking the Pacific, won me over with its terrific street art, brightly painted houses, cute restaurants and charming old-fashioned funiculars which would transport me up and down the steep hills. And no matter where in ‘Valpo’ you’ll find yourself – you’re never far from a breathtaking mural.

You have to visit Valparaiso if you're traveling to Chile!

PS Have any of you been to Valparaiso ❓
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Nomadic Boys 2 months ago
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Ignas Pečiūra 3 months ago
Stay hydrated, try to sleep as much as possible on the flight. I actually have a special playlist of songs, which immediately put me to sleep 🤣
Dani Globetrottergirls 3 months ago
Ignas I need a playlist like this - couldn't adjust to European time last night and lay awake until 4am! 😩
‼️‼️Travel Tip: A great portable charger: MyCharge‼️‼️

I don’t often talk about my travel accessories, but I have to praise my newest portable charger – I go through a lot of them, because I find that after a few years of heavy use, they usually lose power (quite literally!).
But I just love my latest charger, the myCharge, which doesn’t only have an integrated Apple Lightning cable to charge my iPhone, but also a micro-USB cable (with which I charge my camera, my Skyroam mobile hotspot device and my Kindle). The built-in cables mean I don’t have to carry additional cords which is amazing, and the myCharge fully charges my phone FOUR times!! And with the two cables, I can even charge two devices at the same time! Two more great features: the MyCharge recharges up to 50% faster than other portable chargers, and it is a leight-weight charger.

Well worth the investment, if you’re looking for a new portable charger:
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***Insider Travel Tips: Seattle***

Here are my top 15 places to visit in Seattle – not just the tourist spots, but also the coolest neighborhoods, the best coffee shops, art galleries, parks and markets:

1 Alki Beach

This might be my favorite beach in Seattle – and a great place to run or walk. Alki Beach is 3.1 miles (5k) long and offers sweeping vistas of Downtown Seattle. It’s a little out of the way in West Seattle, but if you have a car, it’s worth going thereb and you could combine it with Mexican food & drink happy hour at Cactus, or a doughnut breakfast at Top Pots, artisan pizza at Phoenicia or more scrumptious burritos at El Chupacabra.

2 Georgetown

Seattle’s oldest neighborhood is industrial and still feels a little gritty, but it is quickly becoming super hip and makes for a fun afternoon: there are a couple of cool coffee shops (The Conservatory and All City), a superb Mexican restaurant (Fonda La Catrina), Georgetown Liquor Company and a couple of small breweries (Georgetown Brewing Co and Machine House Brewery), all a short walk from one another, and there is also some cool street art to admire.

3 Storyville Café

Looking for a place to while away a rainy day? Storyville Café! The coffee is excellent, and the pastries are divine. I’ve only been to their branch in the Queen Anne neighborhood so I don’t know if all of their cafes have fire places, but that definitely added to the coziness factor. There is also a branch right by Pike Place Market.

4 Gas Works Park

I loved this park for its stunning views over Lake Union and since it is sitting on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company, a gasification plant, the rusty remnants of the plants make for awesome photo ops. Every time I went there on a sunny day, the meadows were filled with sun worshippers. Just like Freeway Park, this is a park that’s unlike any other park I’ve been to.

5 Fremont

This neighborhood in the north of Seattle describes itself as the ‘Center Of The Universe’. While I am not sure how much I agree with that, I loved the artsy vibe in this neighborhood: there are plenty of sculptures, some street art and even a troll who lives under the Aurora Bridge and is cherished by the locals. So yes, Fremont is one of Seattle’s quirkier neighborhoods. If you go, don’t miss the Theo Chocolate Factory Tour – it’s only $10 and includes a chocolate sampling. There’s also a factory shop worth visiting should you not make it on a tour.

6 Seward Park

I love this little park which occupies the Bailey Peninsula in Lake Washington! I loved the paved trail that goes around the entire peninsula along the water, and the dirt trails that lead up the hill through the forest. If you make it here, I recommend combining it with a meal in the cool Raconteur restaurant (inside a bookstore, always worth going in, if you love books as much as I do) or a coffee at Caffe Vita (see below) in the nearby Seward Park neighborhood.

7 Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park sits right on the shores of Puget Sound and belongs to the Seattle Art Museum. If you’re into art, both are worth a visit. The Art Museum is free on the first Thursday of every month.

8 Café Chocolati

Café Chocolati has seriously some of the best hot chocolate outside of Paris, where I’ve had the thickest, richest hot chocolate in my life. A cup of it is basically a meal in itself. My favorite: the Dark Vader (Raspberry Hot Chocolate). Extra tip: You get a free truffle on your first visit. Yes, they know how to make you addicted. I don’t think there’s a better place to spend a rainy afternoon than at one of the five Chocolati cafés. (The downtown branch is in the Public Library which is also worth a visit).

9 Joe Block Park

This little gem of a park is a place I would’ve never found had a friendly local not pointed me towards it. A little-known park (even for Seattlites!) it is a little tricky to find, but well worth getting lost. It is located in West Seattle, close to the port, and basically on the way to Alki Beach. But since it is closer to Downtown Seattle than Alki, the views here are actually better (Alki is also known for fantastic views over Seattle). There is a walking pier that has an observation deck with benches at the end, offering sweeping views over Downtown Seattle and Puget Sound. I loved this place and would go back for a sunset picnic next time.

10 Fremont Sunday market

I’ve already mentioned Fremont, but the Sunday market deserves an extra mention. A mix of flea market, handicraft market and food market, it makes a fantastic Sunday activity and you can easily combine it with a stroll around the rest of the neighborhood. The nearby Milstead & Co has been awarded the title of the best coffee shop in all of Washington several times.

11 Espresso Vivace

Another outstanding coffee shop and coffee roaster in Seattle, Espresso Vivace has been around since 1988 and has three locations in Seattle. I loved the ‘quiet rooms’ in both locations I visited, and it didn’t hurt that their biscotti were mouth-wateringly tasty, too. Vivace was also awarded the title of ‘Washington’s best coffee shop’.

12 Kubota Garden

This Japanese Garden in the south of Seattle is the perfect urban oasis. I went for some tranquility and self-reflection and couldn’t have chosen a better spot. What makes Kubota Garden special? 20 acre of greenscape that blends Japanese garden concepts with native Northwest plants. And the best thing? It’s FREE!

13 Biscuit Bitch

I didn’t even like biscuits & gravy, but Biscuit Bitch has converted me. After eating breakfast there I wanted to go back every single day. They have three branches in Downtown Seattle, including one right by Pike Place Market (the Belltown branch is usually less busy). Expect Southern-Inspired breakfast dishes with an emphasis on, you’ve guessed it, biscuits and gravy. Vegetarian? Gluten-free? Not a problem!

14 Kerry Park

Even though I wouldn’t necessarily call this little lookout a park, I’d definitely recommend visiting it for its amazing views over Seattle’s skyline and Elliott Bay. If you’re lucky and the weather is good, you’ll even see Mount Rainier from here. While you’re there, why not check out Queen Anne Ave just a few blocks north of Kerry Park? The 5 Spot is great for a casual dinner, or further up the road, How To Cook A Wolf is a more upscale Italian restaurant. The aforementioned Storyville coffee shop is also on Queen Anne Ave.

15 Pie Bar

Pie and liquor – need I say more? A combination that can’t be beat! If you don’t care about a drink with your pie, get a slice to go at the take-out window. And if one pie place isn’t enough, check out: Pie in Fremont, Pie Bar Ballard (owned by the twin sisters who own the original Pie Bar in Capitol Hill) and A La Mode Pies
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***Travel tip***
How to do travel insurance the right way!

If you think it’s enough to pay for travel insurance, and then you’re all set, you’re wrong‼️

One thing that many people don’t know (and don’t read in the small print), is that you actually have to provide the serial numbers of all electronics you’re taking with you on your trip in case of a claim. ‼️‼️

Do you have them written down somewhere?

I admit that for years, I didn’t! These are the devices I had to find the serial number for and write down (or take photos of, then email them to myself): my iPhone, my Kindle Fire, my laptop, my dSLR camera and my iPod Touch.
In addition, I scanned my passport and emailed a copy to myself, and I took down the numbers of all of my credit cards, plus the emergency phone numbers of my bank, so that I could call them right away if my cards get stolen. In short, I am prepared for the worst case scenario!

Another tip on travel insurance: Think carefully about which policy to take out. Usually there are two options: a basic one, and an explorer / adventurer policy. I've been using the Standard Policy by World Nomads for years now, but never needed to make a claim. After reading the policy carefully, I opted for the more expensive Explorer policy when I went to Colombia, a country I wasn’t sure how safe it’d be.

The difference? My belongings were covered up to $3,000 instead only $1,000. I was less concerned about getting sick than being robbed, and for me the reimbursement for loss, theft or damage during the trip to baggage was more important. The coverage for medical expenses for emergency treatment of an accidental injury that occurs during the trip, and an emergency evacuation, is excellent in both World Nomad's Standard and Explorer policies.
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One of my favorite summer activities in New York City - renting a row boat in Central Park
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Dani Globetrottergirls 3 months ago
Ignas me neither, but somehow I managed to pull it off 😂😂
Dani Globetrottergirls 3 months ago
Jason so much fun and only $3.75 for an hour if you're doing it with three friends.. a cheap & fun summer activity 😊