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Have you ever seen a frozen fountain? You still can, here in New York City! Head to Bryant Park to see the fascinating frozen Bryant Park fountain on the west side of the park.
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One of my favorite beaches in the world: Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Where's your favorite beach in the world?
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Nika Nozadze 12 months ago
Nice pic ❤
Fabio Okubo 12 months ago
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Ignas Pečiūra 12 months ago
Dany Andrea 11 months ago
Hello dear ...
Today is a special day for me: on 1 February 2010 I handed in my notice at my office job in London. The plan was to take a 1-year sabbatical to travel around the world. Little did I know back then that this journey would turn into a much longer trip and that I would turn into a digital nomad, working while traveling. If you have any questions about round-the-world trips, sabbaticals & the digital nomad lifestyle - let me know 😊
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Nishant Sinha 12 months ago
Many congrats
***Travel Tip Singapore***

Marina Bay, Kampong Glam, Chinatown, Clarke Quay and Orchard Road - these are the standard neighborhoods people usually visit when they are in Singapore.

If you want to venture off the beaten path a little, check out the Southern Ridges in the south east of Singapore! 5.6 miles (9 kilometers) of trails that connects parks along the southern ridge of Singapore. The Southern Ridges consist of 3 parks that are connected to each other: Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Hill Park and the Kent Ridge Park. They all still look like what Singapore used to be before it became a jungle of skyscrapers: a lush jungle with abundant wildlife and plant life. An added bonus: a number of viewpoints that offer panoramic views of the southern part of Singapore and the Southern Islands. If you don’t want to walk the entire 9k, the best stretch is the 4K from Kent Ridge Park to Mt Faber.
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I’d love to share some of my favorite destinations around the world with you, which is why I am starting a brand new series: Destination Feature:

Destination Feature #1: The Ice Diamonds of Breidamurkursandur

Breidamurkursandur, or Diamond Beach, is just across the street from Jökulsárlón, Iceland’s most famous glacier lagoon. The drive from Reykjavik takes just under five hours (231 miles/372km), and from Vik, just over two hours (119 miles/192km). If you’re driving Icleand’s Ring Road (Highway 1), you’ll pass Jökulsárlón anyway – the lagoon and the beach are literally a stone’s throw from the road.

Like bright diamonds in different shapes and sizes, dozens of chunks of ice litter the beach, and giant waves crashing against them, moving the smaller ones around, forcefully repelled by the bigger ones.

It is a spectacular sight, and I don’t think there’s anything like Diamond Beach anywhere else in the world (okay, maaaaybe in Antarctica.)
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Let me tell you about one of my favorite travel accessories... 🤗
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  • Barcelona 10
  • Chiangmai 5
  • Malaysia Borneo 5
  • Belize 3
  • Medellin 3
  • Las Terrenas 2
  • Nicaragua 2
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Jason Goldberg 10 months ago
Is Barcelona really all that insanely cheap?
Margaret Franks Purcell 10 months ago
My son is owner of overstand in Chang Mai. It's the capital of digital nomads, get silly raves & a hole lot more!
What's your favorite US National Park? I'd be hard pressed to pick only one but White Sands, New Mexico is definitely in my Top 5!
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López López López 12 months ago
López López López 12 months ago
***Flight Hacking Tip: Google Flights***

Is anybody else using Google Flights?

In the past, I’ve used sites like Expedia, OneTravel and Skyscanner to find cheap flights, but in recent years, Google Flights always ended up finding the cheapest flights for me.

Here are five tips on how to get the most out of Google Flights:

1 Get price alerts

When I am looking to book a flight, I always set up an email alert to get updates on the latest changes in price. When GoogleFlights emails me with a price drop for the flight I’m looking to book, that’s when I usually book it.

2 Use the calendar

If you are flexible with your dates (even slightly!), look at the calendar and get an overview for the entire month. See which dates are the cheapest for your route.

3 Listen to Google

On that note – Google Flights already suggests a cheaper date to you, stating in the results how much money you’ll safe if you leave on day X instead.

4 Use the map

If you are somewhat flexible with your destination, use the map function. It’ll show you how much it costs to fly into a nearby airport instead. If you’re planning a Euro trip with a flexible schedule for example, this function is super useful, because flying into a different country in Europe can save you hundreds of dollars.

5 Be spontaneous

If you just want to get away but don’t care much about where you are going, use the ‘Discover Destinations’ function. Just type in your dates and the airport you’re leaving from and you’ll be shown cheap flights to all kinds of different places. This is a great way to find a cheap destination!
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Dani Globetrottergirls 5 months ago
Jason I don't really like how much google knows about me but I can't complain about the flight deals they're finding for me ☺️
Swaminathan Jayaraman 5 months ago
Dani I use a mix of Momondo and Google Flights. Usually compare the cheapest and the best options to pick that works for me. Momondo does search for all major and budget airlines too.
This is a great resource for travel addicts like me:
23 Companies That Will Help You Travel The World For Free (And Maybe Even Pay You To Do It)
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Thusitha Perera 11 months ago
Hi Guys, you may missing similar occasions if you are not visiting Sri Lanka. We have same kind of beach and sunset around the our beautiful island. The best part of it you can move highland with in few hours.
Mohammad 1 10 months ago
***Five Small Tips To Make Your Backpacking Trip a Big Success***

1 Take Earplugs
If you are planning to stay in hostel dorms, earplugs will be your best friend, trust me! I’ve had snorers even in small, female-only. 4-bed dorms.

2 Pack a padlock
If you’re planning to stay in hostels, padlocks are invaluable. About 90% of hostels have lockers for every guest, but they usually don’t come with a lock. If you happen to stumble upon one of the rare hostels that don’t have lockers, you can lock up your backpack with the lock.

3 Start your trip with a free walking tour
No matter if you’re on a multi-city backpacking trip through Europe or on a quick weekend city break - free walking tours, which are offered in most places these days, are a fantastic way to not only get an overview of the city you’re visiting, but the guides are also a great source of information for cheap places to eat, happy hours, off the beaten path attractions, local hangouts and other things most guidebooks don’t tell you. Take advantage of them!

4 Team Up With Other Travelers
For three reasons: 1) Sharing travel experiences makes it more fun and more memorable. 2) It’s cheaper - you can buy a bunch of groceries in the supermarket for example and have a picnic lunch. Or share taxis. 3) If you’re a female traveler, teaming up with another traveler makes it also safer. Much less scary to walk back to the hostel in the dark when you have someone walking with you.

5 Be flexible
This can be tricky, especially in Europe where trains, buses and plane rides are much cheaper if you book them well in advance, but websites like also have good deals a few short days out. Being not completely locked into a fixed schedule will enable you to let destiny decide where the journey takes you. You may hear about a cool place from other travelers that you hadn’t heard about prior but which sounds so awesome that you want to check it out. Maybe you simply want to spend more time in one of the cities you’re visiting. Or you meet some awesome people and want to continue your trip with them, following their itinerary rather than yours.

Changing tickets is pricey, so I always recommend to leave things as open as possible to avoid big fees.
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Fares Aboafifi Afifi 1 month ago
مساء النور
Have you ever visited a place because it was the setting of a book or movie and you felt like you had to see this place for yourself?

For me, this was Maya Bay on Pi Pi Lei in Thailand, better known as ‘The Beach’, made famous through Alex Garland’s novel of the same name. Sadly, when I arrived there, it wasn’t what I had pictured at all. I wrote about it here:

Another place I became obsessed with and knew I had to visit after seeing it in dozens of movies and TV shows was New York City. Well, visiting New York was exactly what I had imagined it to be and even more – after my first visit, I really wanted to move there.. and kept returning ... and eight years later, I finally made the dream of moving to NYC come true.

I’d love to hear your stories of places you visited because of pop culture or other influences, and how you felt about them when you arrived there!
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***Destination Tip: Budget Tips for Iceland***

For the past few years, Iceland’s been one of the hottest destinations (even though it’s actually the opposite of that: really cold!). I have yet to meet someone who does NOT want to go to Iceland! The only problem with Iceland is that it is notoriously expensive, and not everybody can afford a pricey trip with fancy hotels or an organized tour around the country.

I've got good news for you though: I was able to keep my expenses low in Iceland and visit the country on a small budget, and I've put together my best tips for you on how to spend as little as possible on a trip to Iceland:

1. Bring your friends!
That's right - the more people you are, the cheaper it'll get. Especially when it comes to car rentals. A medium-sized car costs around 40 Euros per day, which means, if you are traveling with three friends, that's only 10 Euros per person per day for a car (and you'll really want a car in Iceland - it's all about the landscapes, many of which you can't reach on public transport).

If you travel with friends, you can also share 4-bed rooms in a hostel, which are cheaper than double rooms.

2. Don't eat at restaurants.
Restaurants in Iceland are pricey! A pizza starts at around ISK2,000 (US$18.80) a burger is around ISK1,900 (US$17.90). Shop in the supermarkets instead and make picnic lunches - they're not cheap either but you can get a meal for about half the price of what you'd pay for a restaurant meal.

3. Don’t pay for water
Icelanders pride themselves for having some of the best water in the world! It comes straight from a spring and is delicious – why would you pay for bottled water?! Plus, you won’t contribute to plastic bottle garbage.

4. Don't visit during high season
During the summer months, prices surge. For accommodation and rental cars in particular. If you go in April /May or in September, you'll get much better deals. If you go in low season (Oct-March), you can save up to 50% for rental cars, but the weather can be pretty bad and the days are much shorter, something to be aware of.

5. Don't drink
I know, this can be tough, but prices for alcohol in Iceland are ridiculous. If you really want to booze, pick up liquor or beer at the duty free shop in the airport right when you arrive. In regular supermarkets, beer starts at ISK800 (up to 1200) /US$7.50-11.30, but cans are cheaper: around ISK350 /US$3.30 (for 500ml).
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 5 months ago
Thanks Dani Globetrottergirls

The tip I was looking for! Heading to Iceland in November and already thinking to get a travel partner here and for food, may be planning to live on cup noodles and ready to eat stuff.
YO! As I am preparing for my first Pepo Live Q&A, I'd love to hear from you what you'd like me to talk about more in my chat.. travel tips? Destinations? Personal stories & struggles? What are you interested in? 😊
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Dani Globetrottergirls 10 months ago
Hi Dany 👋😊👋
Chinwi Almajnun 10 months ago
Israeli breakfast spread 😍 Which country has the best breakfast?? I love Israeli breakfast, Mexican breakfast, Sri Lankan (egg hoppers!) and Malaysian breakfast (nasi lemak)
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Maya G 12 months ago
Looks delicious!!
Nomadic Boys 11 months ago
Greek breakfast always :)
***Travel Tip Sri Lanka***

Did you know that one of the cheapest places in the world to see elephants in the wild is Sri Lanka?

There are currently around 5879 elephants in Sri Lanka - The largest number in all of Asia!

To get up close and personal with elephants in Sri Lanka head to Kaudulla National Park which is home to over 200 elephants and is part of the elephant corridor between Minneriya and Wasgomuwa National Parks. The population peaks between August and December. But the best time is in August and September. Kaudulla Reservoir, located in the park attracts the elephants during the dry season. This is referred to as The Gathering as they make their pilgrimage to Minneriya.

There are also leopards, fishing cats, sambar deer, endangered rusty spotted cats and sloth bears. The best time to visit is from January to March and, less reliably, May to June.

A private jeep safari through the park is only around US$40, and budget hotels in Sri Lanka start at US$10 for the night.. making it a super cheap safari destination!

There’s a number of national parks where you can take Jeep tours, btw, not only this one.
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#19 TRENDING An opportunity for the ladies in this chat -
World Nomads is looking for a professional, camera-loving traveler to be the presenter for our next video project: a multi-part series delving into all things India - with a bridging theme of ‘Women in India’ threaded throughout.

If you have two weeks in March to travel & film around India, apply now!
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Les Eagle 12 months ago
I can be your presenter.
What's up
Mukti Gautam Bhardwaj 11 months ago
Whats to be done for that?
What's your favorite city in the world? And can you guess what mine is? 😉
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Zamora The light 11 months ago
Isa Tishukaj 10 months ago
I often get asked which countries I’d recommend for solo female travel. My top five: Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico. These are the countries that I’ve felt the safest when traveling alone and where I had no problems connecting with other travelers, i.e. never felt lonely. Which countries would you add?
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Deishya mx 12 months ago
I would add Poland, beautiful country, warm and kind people, good for eating and drinking for a good price!
***Five Small Travel Tips That Make A Big Difference***
1. Always take an extra bank card / credit card with you. Disasters happen. In case you get robbed or lose a card, you’ll be happy to have a backup. You don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country without access to your money.
2 . Always have cash on you. Same reason as above. You might get robbed / pickpocketed or loose your wallet / purse. There might not be an ATM machine at your destination (trust me, that has happened to me many times!) or the only one there might be broken. Put $50 or $100 in a safe place (i.e. hide it well).
3. Make copies of your passport and important documents. Don’t forget to e-mail a copy to yourself so you’ll always have access to them. I also save the PDFs of important documents and my passport in my phone.
4. Take photos of your luggage. If your bag gets lost, this will help identify it more easily. Taking pictures of everything you pack will speed up the process of having your travel insurance reimburse you in case your luggage doesn’t get found or is stolen. Note that most travel insurance companies only reimburse you for electronics whose serial numbers you can provide!
5. Speaking of which: travel insurance for a 2-week trip is between $20 and $50 but this is little money that can save you a lot in case something goes wrong.
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The new Airbus A350 looks awesome.. anyone flown it yet??

Looking at the airlines that are currently using an A350, it doesn't look like I'll have the pleasure of taking one soon.. unless my Singapore Air ✈️ happens to be one 😊
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Jason Goldberg 6 months ago
The a350 is wonderful! I've flown it from Hong Kong to Helsinki on Finnair, and also on Lufthansa a couple of times to Delhi. The link you posted from 2016 is outdated. Check this link:
One of the questions I get asked the most is: what’s the best pizza in NYC? 🍕🍕🍕

Oh, and what a tough question to answer, because honestly, there are so many amazing pizza places in New York. But I’d narrow my top five down to:

1 Roberta’s (hands down the best NY-style pizza)
2 Artichoke Basille (their artichoke pizza is so unlike any other pizza you’ll ever try!)
3 Keste (mouthwatering good Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas)
4 Paulie Gee’s (this is where I go for wood-fired pizzas with unusual toppings)
5 Totonno’s (for a classic, old-school Grimaldi-style slice)

Are you a pizza lover, too, and have you tried a NYC slice? If so, what was your favorite one?
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Maya G 6 months ago
Excuse me?? What about best pizza?!
Hi everyone! I am Dani, a digital nomad, world explorer and full-time traveler. I’ve been on the road since 2010 and have been to over 50 countries so far. I created this chat to talk about travel – get travel inspiration, answer travel questions, share travel tips. Let me know if you have any questions about my travel lifestyle, independent travel or working while traveling.
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Jee Joe 12 months ago
hi friends
Jee Joe 12 months ago
I Love My Pepo Friends