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Gym Fit

by Jason Goldberg
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A chat for people who like to stay fit. Share stories, tips, suggestions, photos, questions. Non gym posts will be DELETED and user BANNED from the group.

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Didac Aleixandre Spain 1 hour ago
Valencia, Spain
Complete photo.
Didac Aleixandre Spain 8 hours ago
Valencia, Spain
My first two weeks of gym after 3 years.
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Ganesh Prakash Dange 8 hours ago
Heading gym after 6 months , which exercises recommend?
Quentin Traiveling 1 week ago
Ibrahim Alshini 1 week ago
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Quentin Traiveling 1 week ago
Keep it good πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
Aaron Takuya Gamallo 1 week ago
Ain't buff like other guys; but it does feel good to workout the arms
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Octavian Gradinaru 1 month ago
eat healthy!
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Mj Shevon 1 month ago
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Agness Walewinder 1 month ago
Can you suggest some beach workouts to stay lean on vacation?
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Ignas Pečiūra 1 month ago
Herman Moreno 🀣 on point!
Ignas Pečiūra 1 month ago
Alexandre Pita if you paste the full url address, Pepo will make it into a hyperlink, which other users can click on πŸ˜‰
Gilbert Hoo 1 month ago
Who can guide me gym in Singapore?
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Klaryta Ndlovu 1 month ago
Hi I would like to get rid of my belly what exercises should I do
Alexandre Pita 1 month ago
No specific exercise. You can't lose fat in specific spots. You have to do intense exercise and eat healthy (go to a nutritionist) and then the body will burn fat. But it burns where it wants. Doing specific exercises for the belly will not burn fat in that area.
Go to a gym. Ask them to make you a nutritional and workout plan.
Marcus Powell 1 month ago
How do i become more fit
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Alexandre Pita 1 month ago
You have to workout to gain muscle and lose fat. Go to a gym.