Hacker Noon - Ask The Experts - Hosted by David Smooke - Pepo - Oct 29 2016, 10.11.13 AM UTC

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What should hackers read today ??

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Tunde Ayodeji 1 year ago
Hi everyone
David Smooke 1 year ago
David Smooke 1 year ago
Agreed. What's the first step to growing a relevant Pepo network?
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
We see Pepo as mapping the conversation graph, which intersects the social graph (friends, friends of friends), the interest graph, and location graph. We are focusing a lot on driving relevance of conversations along those three planes. What we have today is just the start. Discover will very soon factor in all 3.
David Smooke 1 year ago
Morning Jason. Wanted to share with Pepo - some words I learned from. And hopefully learn something new
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Great idea David Smooke !