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Happy Dussera

Pune - India
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Pankaj Keswani 2 years ago
1.Vijaya Dashami is the day Ravan was defeated by Ram.
2. Diwali is the day Ram returned to Ayodhya.
3. Time Gogle Map shows to reach Ayodhya from Lanka on foot is: 21 days
4. Which is almost the number of days between Vijaya Dashami and Diwali

Our mythology is more accurate then today's historians.
Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
after today's worship πŸ™‚
Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
pic from the market taken today morning ...
Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
Rangoli near Tulsi ...
Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
Rangoli at the entrance ...
Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
This photo depicts the traditional way followed in Maharashtra for decorating home`s entrance for auspicious days like today. At the top there is garland of flowers and mango leaves. At the bottom there is Rangoli. On festival days the roles are somewhat defined between family members. Ladies are more creative and so Rangoli is usually prepared by them. Whereas gents have the work of making and hanging garland / toran at the entrance. In this photo, Rangoli was made by wife and toran is my work πŸ™‚
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Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
Dussera is an important Hindu festival which celebrates Lord Ram`s victory over Ravan.

The word Dussera comes from Sanskrit words "dush" and "hara" which mean defeat of the one with ten heads. Ravan is said to have ten heads.

Also on this same day Goddess Durga defeated demon Mahishasura. Since this war lasted for ten days and nine nights, this day is also called Vijayadashmi which means victory of the good over evil on tenth day.

This day is also important as it is start of the harvest season for agriculture.

In the honour of Lord Rama, plays based on the epic Ramayana called Ramlila are arranged all over India. Large effigies of Ravan and his brothers Kumbhakaran and Meghnada are burnt celebrating their defeat. Firecrackers are also lit.

As India is a country of diversity, each region adds it's own flavour to how Dussera is celebrated.

In Maharashtra, these is the usual events on this day. In the morning, all vehicles are washed and worshipped. I remember washing my cycle and my mother making garland out of fresh flowers from our garden for the vehicles. After bath, we visit temples. After this, there is a special sweet dish prepared for lunch - Puran Poli, which is actually sweet bread / roti. In the evening, we visit Ramlila plays and watch Ravan burn. When we were kids, father used to carry me on one shoulder and my sister on another when Ravan was burnt, to enable us see the proceedings from the large crowd 😊
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Junisha Malkani 2 years ago
Happy Dussera Kedar !!!
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Hey Kedar Chandrayan and others. Can you explain Dussera for the rest of us?
Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
Please suggest places where Ravan is burnt in Pune ...
Kedar Chandrayan 2 years ago
Happy Dussera to all. πŸ™‚