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Eat Pray Love

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Are you recovering from an heart ache? What ever the reason, you don't have to go thru this alone. This room is for the broken hearted and for those who are healing. Let's heal together.

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Manolo Army 1 year ago
I am going on a Social Media Hiatus - FB, Instagram, Pepo, Periscope, etc. I am doing this to make me a better person. We are all broken one way or the other and I wish that you will find things that can make you whole. I will be back in a couple of months. I will log out and delete my app. So I don't know if this will still be on but none the less, I wish all of you well and may you find your true happiness.
Manolo Army 1 year ago
Manolo Army 1 year ago
Hello everyone! How are you guys doing?
paciencia javier 1 year ago
thanks for accepting
paciencia javier 1 year ago
Venkat Jay 1 year ago
Manolo Army 1 year ago
We all go through breakups but you don't have to do it alone. Let's talk to each other
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