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Rachel Ann 1 day ago
When traveling remember to get an international license. I continue to forget to get mine & that means when I get pulled over I have to pay a fine (and a small off the record "fine") Usually in Ganesh (or other festival times) police are more lax, but I was not so lucky this time!
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how's this for a beach shack? I tagged the location - it's a favorite of mine in Goa! It's pricey at 7k+ Rs perfect night but most huts are AC with sea views + the best is so plush
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I woke up this AM to lightening and thunder which means I also woke up to my scared dogs jumping on the bed to hide under the covers. I love the storms, though. I love waking up to rain. it's so beautiful so refreshing and the noise is so relaxing! I know how much good the rains are doing for Goa as well and they are much needed on this fairly light monsoon! Do you love the rain? would you travel to Goa during rainy season?
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Rachel Ann 1 week ago
Not to bore you without another blog post but the one I wrote this week I really think could be helpful to some.

It's about how after nearly 10 years of traveling a lot, I still get anxiety before a trip and how a LOT of other people do to. If you do, don't think that means you shouldn't be traveling or don't have the "heart" or "passion" for it like a real traveler... I think anxiety is totally normal before a trip and doesn't make you any less of a traveler!

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Rachel Ann 1 week ago
I never can sit still for long. In a week I'm off on more travels. This blog post kind of sums up what I've been doing and what I'm about to do! I'll be going to the UK (St Ives, Kent, London) and Dublin. Please send me told for all!!

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Rachel Ann 1 week ago
Happy Independence Day India! Okay, it was yesterday but even so 😊 I think it's always surprising how different people celebrate across India from State to state - check out this article

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Rachel Ann 1 week ago
Today I'm sharing a sneaky travel tip that I do which is possibly not the most ethical but comes in handy. This pretty much only works in Asia because hotels are more laid back. When you're at a nice hotel and they have check out at let's say noon but you dont want to leave until 3 because of whatever reason, then at like 10 am just send down laundry! They will say it can be done by check out because they want to earn the income but it's never done in time and then you can stay in the room longer while they finish as they can't very well kick you out when they still have your laundry! I know it's naughty and sneaky but give it a go
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Rachel Ann 1 week ago
I'm telling my pepo team first: after three months of work I have written a 170 page ebook with ALL my secrets about Goa. I cannot believe it's ready and finally up for sale!!! To give you a special discount I want you to use the code "GOALOVE" when you check our for $10 off!! In ten days the code will expire. This book was written from my heart and is so people can see the Goa that I see!

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Rachel Ann 1 week ago
Just woke up with sad news from Charlottesville. I've been out of the USA so long that when I read these news stories I feel so shocked it could happen. Is this really the climate of the USA right now? How in the eff are there "white nationalist" that are basically KKK / Neo Nazis !? I dont understand why people are so focused on the color of someone's skin. Their were protestors to the white nationalist rally and some man drove a car into them. In times like this I could understand of a person of any color other than white felt scared to come travel in America. What sad times we live in!!!

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Rachel Ann 2 weeks ago
Alright let talk luggage!! Are you a backpack or rolling luggage person? For me it depends where I go and how I'll be traveling. That island hopping? backpack for sure ... bouncing from luxe hotel to luxe hotel in Bali? Rolling. wandering Morocco? backpack.
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 2 weeks ago
Ignas Pečiūra link please? Looking to upgrade my suitcase
Rachel Ann 2 weeks ago
As a kid, I was the one eating a Big Mac when my friends were eating children's meals. I always had a huge appetite and played sports. Since moving to India and starting to blog, you could say I'm a couch potato. I tend to take cabs rather than walk and exercise hasn't been on my radar. While in the US I got greedy eating all my favorite food and felt really gross about how my body has changed now that I'm 28 - butt getting flat, stomach with a tiny fat roll, back of legs getting cellulite - now I know I'm still thin, but I'm by no means toned and likely quite unhealthy on the inside. So, I am trying to work out because eating healthier is borderline impossible. I wanted to share the video I have been doing this week and I really like it. I found it my googling "gentle and workout" It's Denise Austin (my mom worked out to her videos in the 90's) but it's classic. I also do some HIIT before this work out, just like squats, lunges, some jumping jacks for maybe 8 minutes. It's not much, but it's a start! Try the video & let me know what you think!

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The BEST prawns in Goa 🍀 They ae Andrah Masala & I need them weekly! You have to try these in India
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Ignas Pečiūra 2 weeks ago
Wow! Looks tasty! πŸ˜‹