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Hungry for traveling

Yamakoshi District - Japan
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We love to travel and we love to eat, so we decided to quit our jobs, sell our car, rent our apartment and just leave. We started our adventure on 28 April 2017 in Tokyo. At the moment we're on food tasting expedition on Hokkaido island in Japan.

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Slice ( Manchester ) 🍷 + 🍕 = 😁
Chocolate soufflé - Stella island resort and spa.
À la carte restaurant. 🍫 🍦
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Had the famous Sanshoku donburi at the Nijo fish market in Sapporo. It actually looks much more awesome than it tastes. It was good, but not spectacular. The salmon roe and the sea urchin were really nice, and so was the sake we had with the dish. :-)
Oren Arluck 12 months ago
It's true, the famous and unique Sapporo ramen is really something special. Once you've tried it you can't stop thinking about having it again and again. The addition of sweet corn and some butter might sound a bit weird, but it is actually brilliant.
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Wonderful Sapporo during the cherry blossom season.
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