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Amsterdam - Netherlands
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This channel is dedicated to visiting Amsterdam. Places to get good food, sights to see and overall tips. Feel free to share your own Amsterdam stories.

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Lastly from my recent Amsterdam trip is Ijuscuypje gelato. I was skeptical about trying this gelato as Im such a firm believer of gelato only in Italy. I ordered pistachio and sea salted caramel. In a few words, I was blown away. It was almost on par with eating it in Italy. Can't recommend it fast enough!
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Just park of the cool interior of Monks Coffee Roasters. You know that any coffee shop with a Marzzoco machine is serious about coffee. These guys are super serious about it. Honestly, I could live in a coffee shop
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In Bilderdijk, I stumbled upon Monks Coffee Roasters! Just loved it. Added to my love affair with the city
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Stumbled upon this excellent pancake house in Bilderdijk, Amsterdam. Single handedly the best pancakes I've Vee eaten. Their recipe is out of this world. My favourite was the one with baba ganoush and avocado. Match made in heaven ☁️
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Ignas Pečiūra 7 months ago
Looks incredible!
MuchBites 7 months ago
It was excellent! Loved the whole neighbourhood. More later...
MuchBites 7 months ago
Hi! In Amsterdam today from now till 3. Where would anyone recommend for good breakfast, good coffee and a good lunch before leaving the city.

Something authentic and unique yet "Instagramable"

Thanks in advance 😊
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Ignas Pečiūra 7 months ago
Sorry, I've missed the message and you've probably left Amsterdam. I hope you've tried Omelegg for breakfast 🍳
MuchBites 7 months ago
That's ok. Don't worry at all. It happens. Didn't try Omelegg I'm afraid. But will be back again to Amsterdam. Loved it
About that breakfast (recommended by Mark Streger )… We went to Omelegg - the first omelettery in the Netherlands (according to them) and were simply amazed. The tiny place has quite a quick turnaround of customers, thus they do not allow to reserve a table (we waited less than 5 minutes to be seated). One look at the menu made it all clear - these guys and gals are serious about omelettes. After placing our orders we inspected the interior, also glancing in the open kitchen.
The moment of truth - our food arrives. I won’t take too long describing the ingredients or the arrangement in the plate, as this was, hands down, the best omelette I have had in my life. If you like eggs, even a little bit, you have to come here when in Amsterdam. Missing such a place would be a shame. My life is now 🥚plete.
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After a long night (there are no short nights in Amsterdam) of touring the city, the best way to replenish your energy is a shot of… green juice! Stumbled upon this gem while on our way to have the the best breakfast in the city (stay tuned for the dramatic reveal). They have juices, power shots, healthy food,etc.. It was a the perfect start of our day. Oh, and the Australian owner is super friendly and helpful too 👍
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If you want to experience traditional Dutch cuisine (we all know it’s meat & potatoes), I highly recommend Greetje. We sat down in a very cosy, almost home-like (late 20th century) restaurant, greeted by a friendly and warm staff. The food was simply amazing -- my ham triplet (picture above) with marinated rhubarbs change the way I think about ham in a positive way. The main dishes -- chicken and veal -- just melt in your mouth with every bite. Simple and delicious.
The restaurant also offers a menu selection, but we weren’t hungry enough to order huge portions :)
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Whether you are a cheese lover or not a visit to cheese farms or factories in Volendam is a Don't miss out experience!
We went to a cheese farm Alida Hoeve and the best part was tasting a variety of flavours of cheese. Herbs and garlic was my choice that I couldn't resist to buy 😋
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A day trip from Amsterdam to Giethoorn is a beautiful experience.
Giethoorn is small village about 80 kms from Amsterdam. All settlements are connected through canals and small beautiful bridges.
Taking a boat ride is the best way to experience Giethoorn. And if you have time walking or cycling through the village is also recommended.
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Agness Walewinder 9 months ago
Agness Walewinder 9 months ago
And the last one... 🤗
Good seafood is my weak spot, so when visiting port cities I try to eat it as much as I can. Choose this place randomly, just decided to give it a chance. The service was ok (they forgot that we ordered a bottle of wine and my fries to accompany mussels). That didn't ruin the mood, as one of my favourite foods ever - mussels - were sooo good. The restaurant was almost fully packed early in the day, thus, I think, it's smart to reserve a table beforehand. Make sure the staff wrote down your order exactly as you said it ☺️
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Found this place by accident - a really cool cocktail/food/coffee lounge with an incredible view of the city. Not as touristy as I expected and definitely worth a visit if you want to view the city from above :)
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Agness Walewinder 9 months ago
You should try Bagels and Beans chain, great coffee and freshly served meals, mainly bagels and salads💪😍
Chanchal Malhotra 9 months ago
Hey I'm travelling to Amsterdam in Aug.. would be lovely to see where all you visit.. and learn from your experience
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Agness Walewinder 9 months ago
Junisha Malkani Chanchal Malhotra and definitely don't miss Zaanse Schans https://etramping.com/zaanse-schans-for-10-dollars-a-day/
Chanchal Malhotra 9 months ago
Awesome.. you guys are going to help me have an amazing trip 🎉🎉🎉🍻
Hi and welcome to "I AMsterdam". I am currently visiting this gorgeous city and want to collect as many stories as possible. I will be sharing places, I find worth a visit. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences about Amsterdam. Off topic posts will be removed.
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Ignas Pečiūra 9 months ago
Cez Krol thanks!
Agness Walewinder 9 months ago
Ignas Pečiūra I love your new channel. It's so close to my heart. Living in Amsterdam for over 2 years like a local left me with plenty of tips and recommendations I would love to share here! ❤️
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