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An amazing Sunday brunch at Barrafina - modern Spanish Tapas. We've kicked off with Pimientos and Pan con Tomate. This Pan con Tomate is to die for - superb taste. The diamond of the afternoon - Sea Urchins 🌊

The restaurant only has counters, so there's a chance you will have to wait to get seated.
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Jason Goldberg 7 months ago
Barrafina is one of my all-time favorites! And it gained a Michelin star recently too!
Ignas Pečiūra 7 months ago
Jason thanks for the recommendation - this place is a must try while visiting London 👍
Heavenly good food at Sosharu. Modern Japanese cuisine, delivering the taste-buds-exploding dishes.
In the picture - mushroom Sukiyaki.

Must try - Sukiyaki with wagyu beef, glass noodles, shiitake and Japanese cabbage. It was so good, I cannot look at Japanese food in the way I was looking at it before. Perspective changing dining ❤️
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Ignas Pečiūra 7 months ago
The must try - Sukiyaki with wagyu beef.
My new favourite place in London - Andina. During my first visit I’ve been invited to Andina in Shoreditch and was blown away by the food. This time, I took my friends to Casita Andina in SOHO, to further explore the Peruvian cuisine.
I think we’ve tried almost 80% of the menu, as the dishes are served tapas style - easy to share.

The top things to try:
Avocado Fritters
Tuna Ceviche (or any of the other Ceviches there - they’re amazing)
Maca Lamb Loin

Our lovely waitress mentioned, that there’s a 3rd sister restaurant Ceviche SOHO, which I’ll definitely try to check out.
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Ignas Pečiūra 7 months ago
Tamal - pork in a corn dumpling. Yummy!!!
Honey de G 7 months ago
Yesss! I like this place too :)
When in London, go for the traditional. Haven't had Fish & Chips in a long time. Heavy food, but a right fit for Friday's lunch.
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Having dinner with Daniel Hungry HK ! A British Gastro-Pub. Experiencing London in the right way!
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