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For all indonesian tech startup enthusiast, let's chit-chat, have fun, and collaborate together!

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Egi Syahban 1 year ago
Egi Syahban 1 year ago
Hi nice to meet you guys Indonesian. Jadi pake bahasa aja kali yaks.

Hi everybody,
I look for a job as business developper in Indonesia. Do you know where i shall look for it ?
Fitra A 1 year ago
Hi there,
Perhaps you can visit Indonesia's head hunter company. Page, Monroe Consulting, Consult Group, Linardi, JAC Recruitment, etc.
Hen Mar 1 year ago
Hey everyone, I'm Mario! I look forward to chatting in the future!! IG: hendrycmario
Fitra A 1 year ago
Is it that something something do with SG government?
Jajat Ismail 1 year ago
203 startup were showed off at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 👏
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Susan M. Choi 1 year ago
At Tech in Asia! Impressed w/ SE Asia!
Diego falaque 1 year ago
Nice to connect with this forum
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Baskami Meliala 1 year ago
Heru Ariyanto 1 year ago
Hello hello
Pankaj Keswani 1 year ago
What's the procedure to start a company in Indonesia for outsiders?? Is it easy or very hard??
Rahmandika Soepian 1 year ago
Hello! Since I am not an outsider, I don't have direct experience with it. But from my observation, Outsider always need an insider or they will have very hard time with the government
Fitra A 1 year ago
One of my sister company can help you with that. They will help you with Entity for Join-venture for foreign company. Establishing new company is one of their many services
Jajat Ismail 1 year ago
Halo pak Rahmandika Soepian 🙋
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Fuad Hamidan 1 year ago
Wooh, salam kenal mas ucok!
Nicky Borneo 1 year ago
Woh mas ucok ya ini?
Welcome Indonesia Tech Startup Enthusiast 😄