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Eranga Dissanayaka 2 years ago
How install to i o s 10.1 smart tap..(double tap screen lock )plz help..
Rachin Kapoor 2 years ago
iPhone 7 being investigated after surfer claims it set his car on fire

The Guardian - 5 h ago

Apple is investigating a report from an Australian man who claimed his iPhone 7 caught fire and destroyed his car, the company said on Friday.
Danny Siu 2 years ago
Got my 7+ last week upgraded from 6. Better battery life and camera are alright worthwhile for the price tag.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
How do you feel about the size of the plus? I've been reluctant to carry something so big in my pocket
Arthur Maas 2 years ago
Battery is ok for me. Nothing amazing. Never used 6s.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
1 week later and I'm still very impressed by the battery life and speed on the 7.
Marcus Leon Pospiech 2 years ago
Same for me, also camera in bad lighting is better, nevertheless still miss a real new thing
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
I started using iPhone 7 today and I can report that the battery consumption is significantly better than the 6s. I would have been down to under 60% already on the 6, and am still above 95% on the 7.
Deepa Shah 2 years ago
I would totally do 7 just for the camera.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
I'm considering getting the plus!
Ajay Agrawal 2 years ago
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Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Sold out until Tuesday! Couldn't get it.
Swaminathan Jayaraman 2 years ago
Ajay Agrawal 2 years ago
Anyone got hands on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus :)
Marat Ryndin 2 years ago
Yeah, iOS 10. Up to now iOS 7 had the quickest adoption rate. 50% in the first 5 days!
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Ajay Agrawal : what features are you thinking of?
Ajay Agrawal 2 years ago
Dual camera, bigger screen
Keith Tsui 2 years ago
Having issues with my iPhone 6 lightning port too! So I wasn't the only one...
Who's not buying the new 7? I have a 6s and don't think it offers an improvement that will increase my utility. I'll wait it out!
Marat Ryndin 2 years ago
I'm not. Keeping my flagship Android phone that allows me to do everything an iPhone does except for that sweet camera.
Marcus Leon Pospiech 2 years ago
Ordered already, but my contract was anyhow out, looking forward to the camera and the promise to better adjust to light
Rachin Kapoor 2 years ago
Sunil : tune *iPhone 7* liya hai?

Ajay : Nahin!!!
Jis se baat karni hoti hai, auto leke uske ghar chala jaata hoon, baat kar aata hun,
sasta padta hai 😂

P.S. surprisingly the character names match with actual participants of this chat!
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Harel W 2 years ago
Wait it out for the Jet Black?
Kedar Kulkarni 2 years ago
Does anyone have any reactions from photographers? I would love to know if they think the iPhone is almost as capable as their dslr's or not.
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Ajay Agrawal 2 years ago
I think no, as they improve it to make water resistance, might be they changed the casing too for the same.
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Rachin Kapoor 2 years ago
Ajay, is iPhone 7 also as delicate as iPhone 6 ?