Jesus Christ is King! - Ask The Experts - Bossier City, United States - Pepo - Nov 8 2016, 03.34.42 PM UTC

Jesus Christ is King!

Bossier City - United States
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No matter who is President, Jesus Christ is King! I believe this! It's true! If you're going to be hateful, don't come into this chat!

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Lynn Guthrie 9 months ago
Yes, Jesus will forever be my King , too!
Thomas Amagulu 1 year ago
Jesus will is the King forever
Tembo Nsangu 1 year ago
He never said good bye He is the same today yesterday and forever.
Jesus Forever
JR Figuracion 1 year ago
Jesus will forever be my King🙏🏻
Larry Joe Goad 1 year ago
😂Very true Jesus is King. I pray for in coming president ans staff. I believe through peoples prayers he'll do fone.
Caroline Billiot 1 year ago
Trump won, but God is still on the throne and sovereign 🙏🏻😊
Caroline Billiot 1 year ago
Welcome to my room, everyone! No hate speech please!