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Post random pics and help travellers in Kerala choose with inspiration 😊


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Brian Soans 12 months ago
Lost in time and neglected ... but still available to the curious observer
Brian Soans 12 months ago
Preserved doors and windows that have seen millions travel past them
Brian Soans 12 months ago
Art Gallery, Introspection space ? Eco Tourism, Green, Cafe... ??
Brian Soans 12 months ago
Only the steel shutters are a replacement 😀
Brian Soans 12 months ago
Old Traders in Mattancherry
Brian Soans 12 months ago
Jithin Raju 12 months ago
Hi... what's this group is for mainly ?
Posting pics from Kerala
Brian Soans 1 year ago
This place is here to suggest travel and stay options at Kerala - God's own country :). If you're travelling and don't have a clue or need help.