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Post random pics and help travellers in Kerala choose with inspiration 😊


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Brian Soans 9 months ago
Lost in time and neglected ... but still available to the curious observer
Brian Soans 9 months ago
Preserved doors and windows that have seen millions travel past them
Brian Soans 9 months ago
Art Gallery, Introspection space ? Eco Tourism, Green, Cafe... ??
Brian Soans 9 months ago
Only the steel shutters are a replacement 😀
Brian Soans 9 months ago
Old Traders in Mattancherry
Brian Soans 9 months ago
Jithin Raju 9 months ago
Hi... what's this group is for mainly ?
Posting pics from Kerala
Brian Soans 10 months ago
This place is here to suggest travel and stay options at Kerala - God's own country :). If you're travelling and don't have a clue or need help.