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Little Gay Teen Adventure

Arkansas - United States
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This blog is about my life as a gay teen in a small town in the south. I can't wait to discover myself with you! 😉😋

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Eric Biggers Jr 1 year ago
So I've been hella busy... BUT for good reason!! I took some time off to find myself a little bit more 😋 I have found my confidence growing more and more and I am happier with myself than I was before!
Eric Biggers Jr 1 year ago
I was in Walmart and I get to the checkout and the guy was beautiful so I was admiring his nearly flawless appearance then it happened... we made eye contact! And instead of being a normal person, I start stuttering, mouth wide open, eyes larger than the moon, and after a few seconds I just yell bye and run out... without my bags 😂 FML!!
Eric Biggers Jr 1 year ago
Went and watched Beauty and the Beast last night because I am a huge Disney fan and I looked for "the gay scene" that everyone is freaking out about... a guy likes that he is wearing a dress and two guys dance together! All together it was like five seconds. Big whoop!! People need to get over it. It was a wonderful movie and I give it a 10/10!
Eric Biggers Jr 1 year ago
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