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Madrid - Spain
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The only place you'll need to consult when in Madrid for the best food and drinks in this great city! MuchBites does all the leg work, so you don't have to. Everything we recommend has been tried and tasted and we know you'll love it!!

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It goes without say that the best burgers in Madrid are from Goiko Grill. There are a few around the city but hands down our favourite is either on Calle Conde de Peñalver or on Glorieta de Bilbao! You'll love them
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Christine Kollie 11 months ago
Payam G 11 months ago
Look so delicious ! What is the right way to eat it ?
It's imperative that we explain the Cover Image for this group. What you see is slow cooked beef cheek on a bed on mashed sweet potato with a hint of liquorice and a Galician style gravy from the juices of the meat. This is from one of the best Galician restaurant in Madrid called Los Montes de Galicia on Calle de Azcona, 46. Closest metro: Diego de Leon. This is spanish food at it's best in Madrid!
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Who doesn't love good ol' mac and cheese. Jimbo, a smokehouse and craft brewer here in Madrid will serve you this and more American classics like beef brisket, ribs, and mashed potatoes.

Wait until you see what's for dessert!
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MuchBites 10 months ago
I've just died inside!
Any coffee lovers in the house? This article is for you. A collection of coffee shops that specialise in coffee. Good quality coffee from producers around the world and made by well-qualified baristas. Make it your aim to visit each of these.
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At the weekend, brunch is extremely popular in Madrid! If you want to be away from the busyness of the centre, then head to Vallehermoso – a very tranquil neighbourhood north of the city. Try brunch at Meat on C/ Vallehermoso, 72. As the picture shows, you won't be disappointed...
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Annika De Souza 2 weeks ago
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Everything at Pasta Mito is incredible so far! Currently on our second course - eggplant parmesan 😍
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Here are the details you've been waiting for for Madrid's first Ramen Conference. It's promises to be very tasty. We are super excited!
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It's the weekend!!! There is a really small place on the streets of Madrid called Olivia te Cuida. This is THE place to go if you want to eat clean, lean and healthy. If you are vegetarian or vegan, this would be the place for you. Everything is made fresh daily including the juices and cakes. They really will look after you here. But you must book a table. Their address is Calle Santa Teresa, 8. Closest metro is Alonso Martinez
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Meat is on the menu at Jimbo Smokehouse and Craft Brewer. Article coming soon to

Pictured is a sampler platter of ribs, sausage and beef brisket. These juicy cuts are inspired by good home Southern food in the US. Lay on the BBQ sauce for the full experience👌
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MuchBites 10 months ago
Círculo Marisquería is a fish restaurant. In February, they be hosting a month of gambas (prawns). This means all the dishes with prawn in them will be at special prices. This is an excellent opportunity to try to amazing spanish prawn dishes including Gambas pil pil! We'll have more details on this very soon! Stay tuned.

Their address is Calle Oliva de Plasencia, 1 C.C San Ignacio
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Organic philosophy restaurant, Mama Campo is bathing in the sun in park Olavide near metro Bilbao today. Check out their outdoor veggie and fruit market, or go to the restaurant in the same park and try our recommended dishes: Picadillo de aguacate y ahumados ( Avocado and smoked salmon) and ensalada de quinoa roja (quinoa salad with veggies and mango). Clean, organic, ecologically responsible food to feel good.

They will be out in the park until 6pm!
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Tortilla is the mainstay of Spanish cuisine-simple and savory. One of the best spots for tortilla is at Udaberri, an eloquent pincho-bar style restaurant. The tortilla is consistently soft with a "cheesey" texture while keeping true to the traditional recipe of only eggs, potatoes and salt. Also pictured are: croquetas de hongos (fried savory balls of mushrooms) and bacalao de Udaberri (cod with red pepper).

There are only two Udaberris in Madrid: calle Bolivia 30 (metro Colombia) and calle Juan Bravo 41 (metro Diego de León)
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Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
Going to Madrid in June and can't wait to try!
MuchBites 11 months ago
We'll be there to meet you too!
Right, this is Santa Eulalia Boulangerie. An AMAZING bakery and coffee shop with interiors to get lost in. They have French pastries made right in front of you, well-trained baristas and even 12th Century wall remains to add to the ambiance. Find it on Calle Espejo, 12 metro Opera!

So today we've spoilt you, Santa Eulalia or La Duquesita – what will you choose? You decide...
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S Doherty 10 months ago
Wanted to share with you the white wine I stumbled upon at La Mafia-Colón. Light, fruity and finishes sweet. Great way to unwind a Monday. Hope you enjoy it😀
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Mahendra Singh 10 months ago
i lik
Comfort food feeds the soul. We went to El Ferry for meatballs, mashed potatoes, peas and cranberry sauce. The chef lived and worked in an NYC kitchen. Menú Del dia and live music 🎶 on the first Saturday morning of each month!

Calle de Sandoval 12
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MuchBites 11 months ago
Madrid has one of the oldest restaurants in the world! El Sobrino de Botín is over 300 years old and served the best of Spanish cuisine and it has evolved over the centuries. Be sure to try it!
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Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
What do you recommend there?

Also, is it fussy or casual?
MuchBites 11 months ago
Without a doubt the Cordero and the Cochinillo!! Amazing! It's not casual that's for sure. I'd say smart casual though
What a way to start a Sunday. The baristas are coffee experts and you can get coffee here made many different way. The Macha latte was a winner! They’ve also got gluten free, sugar free cakes that are divine! Plus WiFi and working space!
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MuchBites 10 months ago
Let's get to know each other a little bit ☺️..... Show of hands; who's currently in Madrid, been to Madrid or planning on going to Madrid this year?
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As the weather gets super hot in August, that picnic in retiro is the perfect way to cool down. We recommend getting a box of the homemade ice lollies from Lolos Polos. They will package them for you in a polystyrene box that will keep them freezing for a long while. Take them to the spot in from of Palacio de Cristal and enjoy them as they cool you down in from of lovely views!
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If they ask you, what's your favourite thing about Madrid, how would you answer? My answer would be, those days when the city is bathed in blue skies, there's something about the way the sun hits the red brick on buildings such as this one. The architecture in madrid is beautiful and it's a fact! Share with us your answers...
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Jason Goldberg 4 months ago
Such a happy welcoming city! There's just an energy of warmth there.
MuchBites 4 months ago
That's very true! The sun must help. They say that those from the north aren't as warm as the Madrileños but they do warm to you after a while. Again, the weather must play a part. It's very rainy up there
Tonight we are going to sample meals at one of our favourite restaurants in Madrid, Pasta Mito after years operating from a tiny stall in one of the city’s local markets, they have finally branched out and opened a fully fledged restaurant! Check back tonight for all the juicy details ....
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After enjoying your visit to Madrid or Spain in general , what you really want to do is take a gift back with you to showcase the delights of your time in the Mediterranean. The gift could be for you or for a loved one. However, you want it to be something authentic with your heart and soul in it, not just another key ring or fridge magnet. MuchBites are recommending for you to try MiMo Food. As you can see from the about picture, it is certainly a gift that will wow and amazing anybody what you see hear is a collection of Spanish flavours cleverly packaged and made to be appealing . The jars contain Orange flower honey, Candied sunflower seeds and Pickled Basque peppers. With the box, you even get excellent recipe cards that incorporate the contents of the jars! So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself or someone special a MiMo gift! Check them out at
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Hmm I wondered how good cake at "the best chocolate cake in the world" might be. Not a single bite left, scraped all those mousse layers down to the porcelain plate. Try it in 50% and 70% cacao.
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Gill Ryan 2 months ago
Love it
We told you about the delicious food the San Sebastián based company, MiMo Food. We had the chance to try one of their recipes that require a generous serving of their excellent orange flower honey. Here we have goats cheese served with baked red grapes in olive oil and black pepper on toasted baguette and a generous drizzling of orange flower honey! When we tried it, we all agreed the taste was restaurant quality Simple yet effective You too will love Mimo food
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Palacio de cristal is a stunning sight nestled between the lush summer green trees of Retiro park. It's the perfect spot for a picnic with a dear close one or a few good friends!
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