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Meditation School India

Shree Mahesh Heritage - Rishikesh - India
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Meditation School Rishikesh India- Shree Mahesh Heritage , RMS 300,UK. Meditation Teacher Training Certification School in India is offering Eastern Vedic and Western Modern Meditation training to Beginners .Read more www.meditationschoolindia. org

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Be Meditative,Be Spiritual! what you seek is deep connection, search for ways to connect to your own sense of spirituality in everyday life. You’ll notice daily tasks become divine and connection blossoms.
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Shree Mahesh 4 months ago
How do you feel after getting a wellness coach #MeditationTeacher Certification. Baba Shri Mahesh giving her award for becoming a Meditation Teacher.
she just completed 28 Days residential Meditation teacher training certification course.learnt 20 different global meditation techniques and now ready to teach the world Meditation Community!
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meditation guru #Mindfulness #Osho #active #meditation techniques trainer www.meditationschoolindia. org
Shree Mahesh 4 months ago
If you wish to become a #Meditation Teacher and planning to #travel this winter, meet us to become a certified Meditation Instructor. our 300 hour meditation for beginners certification training equip you with natural learning, experience and explore within. email us
#Mantra #Chanting - 300 hour meditation teacher training participants at Shree Mahesh Heritage Rishikesh India , the most powerful energy mantra in spirituality
Shree Mahesh 4 months ago
what would you like to know if visiting Meditation School India?
Shree Mahesh 4 months ago
Must verify Google location for any place you have chosen to go!💐 Specially in Rishikesh India