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Must reads!

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At Swim, Two Boys is a love story between two (or three) boys set during the 1916 Easter Rising. I've already read this book twice. It is very well written in my opinion. Jamie O'Neill really poured his entire heart into writing it, and since it was published in 2001 he has not published anything else after that.
Rob Verkamman 1 year ago
Hey i guys i know it sounds lame but have you read the book comming home by rosamunde pilcher?such a loveley story
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Alex Large 1 year ago
Fascinating from beginning to end!!
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Chloe Ann Kangas 1 year ago
Looking for something new in epic fantasy, any suggestions?
Chloe Ann Kangas 1 year ago
Best book I've read in a long time, and best character building I've read ever! Def recommend!
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Bianca Cristea 1 year ago
A very sad,but absolutely beautiful book
Beecen Sasang 1 year ago
I'm new member from Bhutan.. ..plz track me n looking for reading them alll
Bianca Cristea 1 year ago
My favorite of all times!