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My Sweet Mess on Food

Calgary - Canada
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Here you will find all things food related - photos of food, links to my home cooked recipes, the dirt on dining out in Calgary (and wherever I might be) as well as what tools I use in my kitchen and some tips & tricks for hosting parties.

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My Sweet Mess on Food.
Everything we had was delicious - but the curry and chips was off the hook. That flavour wow!!!
Looks like a burrito but not quite - these are super tasty Kati rolls from the Calcutta Cricket Club in Calgary. A must go!
Kristen Kaethler 6 months ago
Citrus salad - something nice been playing around with!
Kristen Kaethler 6 months ago
Sweet potato power bowl. The perfect winter snack for lunch, dinner or anytime. CN you guess what else is in there?
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Spice world 🌎
Kristen Kaethler 7 months ago
Fresh food markets with the greatest people! Love this part of traveling and eating.
Learning to cook in Thailand
One of my favorite things in Bangkok, getting a bag of salad filled with noodles, eggs, organ meat, scallions, mushrooms and more for what you would pay for a small coffee in Canada.
All the fried foods in Bangkok
Home grown produce is the best. It's weird, it's unique and it's tasty!
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Guys if you haven't had a burger at Tubby Dog in Calgary you are missing out! Every Wednesday is burger day!
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While we're on the topic of dessert...these Nutella crepes are the bomb!
Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
Tried out a vegan pumpkin "cheesecake" today....I would try it again, but definitely play around with the recipe first!
What are you thankful for?
Well it's Thanksgiving weekend and at this moment I'm thankful for this gluten free chocolate pot!
Something about fresh fruit while traveling in Asia.
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Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
Reminiscing on my time traveling and all my little food adventures. I always find it fun to see new or different flavours of familiar products! These were pretty awesome! Any guesses as to what my favorite one was?
Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
Did anyone else get a multitude of tomatoes this year from their garden?
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Hungry in Calgary 8 months ago
Yes! Ours was converted into relish!
Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
Hungry In Calgary !!! Yum that sounds delicious.
Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
A little homemade brunch 😍
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The chicken wings at Mugshotz are soooooo good. As advertised! πŸ˜‚
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Sometimes, you just need some good 'ol deep fried mushrooms.
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Winter spice latte - yes please!
Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
The best kind of dinner
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Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
Garden goodies
Summer is almost over, and I'm still waiting for all my tomatoes to change color. Anyone else in this predicament?
Kristen Kaethler 8 months ago
Ramen, what more can I say. This ramen was pretty good - very basic, but delicious.
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This cake is almost to pretty to eat.
Kristen Kaethler 9 months ago
Chocolate bread is a thing.
Moon πŸŒ™ grapes πŸ‡
Diaa Din Lmoussaoui 9 months ago
Is there anything better than an olive bar?
Now this is a breakfast of champions
Eggs Benny with the best smoked ham on sourdough toast. Yum πŸ‘…
Now that my friends is a Caesar. Candied bacon πŸ₯“ oh my!!! Where do you get your favorite Caesars?
Kristen Kaethler 9 months ago
Tamari almonds. Making a bit batch. They're a great snack! And I'm loving all the different spices in my life this week.
Kristen Kaethler 9 months ago
Saag paneer - one of my favorite dishes. Intense flavours, and a relatively easy dish to make. I really love it with a little naan and mango chutney.
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Kristen Kaethler 9 months ago
Digging peach season and all the tasty things you can make. Like this upside down peach cake.
Kristen Kaethler 9 months ago
These peach crumble muffins are going to be a hit for school lunches.....recipe will be up on later this week!