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Nom Nom Boris

Washington - United States
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Hungry gay🦄🏳️‍🌈 vanity queen exploring the world of nomnom food, boys, and travel. Any restaurant suggestions? Check out my blog for tasty things xoxo

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Nom Nom Boris 8 months ago
Can you guess what we working on?
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Nom Nom Boris 9 months ago
Happy Pride nomsters!!! Join us in celebration of LGBTQ+ community and allies together in Washington DC pride! Make sure to share, comment, like, and subscribe or else kittens will cry!
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Nom Nom Boris 9 months ago
Happy NYC Pride!!!
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Enjoying wine at Taste of Fenton restaurant crawl. Omg Apple Wine is amazing!!! Plus with Salem goat cheese 😍😍😍 coming back for a full bottle for sure! Normally don't like red wine, since I prefer things sweet like me! Though this red was amazing! What kind of wine do you like?
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Nom Nom Boris 10 months ago
There is a new chain in town and it's called Bibibop! Chipotle style Asian grill where you can build your own bowl of rice, noodles, or salad
I love Eggs Benedict for brunch! Ahh perfectly running yoke. How do you like your eggs?