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Northern Spain

Basque Country - Spain
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Ah... northern Spain: home to Bilbao, San Sebastien, the Basque country, the Guggenheim museum, foodie paradise and wonderful wine finds. Have you been? Share your experiences and favorites here.

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If you go more north West in Spain you can find this hand made hobbit-like landscape with a surprise inside the caves- restaurants with amazing food- Check Valdevimbre/ Cueva del Túnel
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We just completed 4 perfect days in Northern Spain. Here's our itinerary (in the comments). Feel free to reach out to me with any follow up questions. Also add your own Northern Spain experiences!
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Jason Goldberg 3 weeks ago
Day 4: spend a day at the Guggenheim museum. It's amazing and lives up to the hype.
Jason Goldberg 3 weeks ago
Day 4, also worth checking out and exceeding expectations was the fine arts museum in Bilbao.
It's ☔️ in Bilbao today, the perfect day for the Guggenheim museum. First a glam shot at the Tulips by Jeff Koons.
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Last night we went for a casual dinner in Bilbao at Casa Rufo. It's a cute setup: they have a traditional food market / shop and then you dine behind the shop in their wine cellar. Food was pretty good, not bad not spectacular. They are famous for their steaks which was the best thing we had, other dishes were fine.
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Here's another snap from the cliffs at zumaia down to the beach. We only decided to stop in Zumaia after watching S7 E2 of Game of Thrones last week and realized dragonstone is filmed on the beaches of Zumaia. It's definitely a worthwhile stop. You can hike the cliffs, moderate difficulty.
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Third stop on our pintxos crawl in San Sebastien: Bar Martinez for zucchini crab. This was one of my favorites!
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Second stop on our pintxos tour: zeruko for mushrooms!
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First stop on today's pintxos lunch walk in San Sebastien was Bar Txepexta for the best anchovies. Thanks for the tip Per Meurling!
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Per Meurling 3 weeks ago
Last night's dinner was as the legendary modern food experiment: Azurmendi.

In a word: fabulous. One of the most memorable meals of our life. Both innovative and delicious. Everything was excellent.

The meal takes places in 4 parts, from a welcome picnic to the greenhouse to the kitchen to the main dining room. More than 20 courses in all and 4 dessert courses. Nothing fell short and all was excellent, which is hard to say about most taking menus.

Better than Noma in our opinion.

More pics to follow.
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Foodie high today: visit to the town of Logroño famous for its 50+ tapas bars in the old city. These pulpo bites were especially tasty!
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I've heard about a famous tapas street in Logroño, Calle del Laurel! Always wanted to go!
After checking in the the Marques de Riscal our first stop was 5km away to the medieval village of Laguardia for a fantastic lunch in the main square at Los Parajes. Fresh local ingredients. Highly recommended if you're nearby.
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Jason Goldberg 1 month ago
Yes, anchovies and peppers.
We also very much enjoyed a whole sea bream, a salmon tartar, and of course abuelas croquettes (grandma's croquettes)
Agness Walewinder 1 month ago
Jason Goldberg Nice, I love salmon!
First stop on our trip: Hotel Marques de Riscal in Rioja. The Marques de Riscal was built in 2006, and designed by Frank Gehry. Just wow, woe, wow. I'll write a more full review tomrrow after we depart but the architecture and design of this place in the middle of nothing but vineyards and 1000-year old mideviel villages is stunning.
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This place looks amazing!! Would you recommend it?
Jason Goldberg 3 weeks ago
The design is incredible and the hotel was awesome! Highly recommended. From a design standpoint it's just so striking to see a modern structure in the middle of vine fields abd mountains and old churches but it fits in an works majestically.
Kuba Bula 1 month ago
Wonder if it is still there 15 years after......
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Kuba Bula 1 month ago
Shots from the past
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Kuba Bula 1 month ago
Funny enough we are planning a road trip around Spain and a week in Northern Spain- Galicia with Santiago, a Coruna, Asturias with Oviedo, Picos de Europa, Cantabria with Santander and Basque Country with Bilbao, Donostia and more tips?
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Jason Goldberg 1 month ago
Cool! We will be there this coming weekend. Will update with tips and recommendations!
Kuba Bula 1 month ago
Our family is traveling to Bilbao, Elciego, and San Sebastien later this week for a long weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. We'll be posting updates with our favorite foodie, design, and other finds.

Have you been to the Basque country? Chime in with your own favorites.
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Per Meurling 1 month ago
If you fine dining btw I would do Azurmendi
Jason Goldberg 1 month ago
We just finished at Azurmendi! Was fabulous. Review forthcoming.