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NYC off the beaten path

New York - United States
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Things to do that are hard to find!

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It's peak cherry blossom season at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens! Go see them before it's too late 😊

Hot tip: Free admission on Tuesdays and on Saturdays before noon!
Ranko Erak 10 months ago
Amazing plase
Cody Winn 1 year ago
Explored here this weekend, great food options..
Arthur Maas 1 year ago
Jackson heights is a must for Asian subcontinent meets Latin America. Too much good food for a day.
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
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Cody Winn 1 year ago
I heard about this in passing, this is great! Will check it out, thanks.
Keith Tsui 1 year ago
*if you haven't checked it out
Keith Tsui 1 year ago
There's this place called the Freedom Tunnel if you haven't check it out. Used to be an abandoned tunnel that reopened up as an Amtrak tunnel but still lots of graffiti art inside. It's pretty cool.
Cody Winn 1 year ago
anyone else have any good finds?
Cody Winn 2 years ago
Good question. Not exactly. More of the hipster events like Greenpoint Night Market. Or one offs like Bushwick block parties, DJ event on the waterfront park Farm on Kent, etc.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Hey Cody Winn any new discoveries on par with the Thai ladies in the park in Berlin?
Cody Winn 2 years ago
Immersive play called Then She Fell - like a more intimate Sleep No More. They created another one called The Grand Paradise that I haven't been to yet.